• Ryan Moore
  • Bahamian Sunrise
    I wouldnt put anyone off but i wont be playing. it looked old and tired lto and although now off a laughable 55 thats probably what it is. In heavy ground at a horrible track? ill leave it. My opinion of it lto was retire it. Probably bolt up now!
  • Mullins
    Peregrine, oh i thought you were implying something was wrong by Mullins as his outsider win!!!! lol! No worries mate, we have differing views and opinions and thats what racing is all about. If we all thought the same the game would be easy!

    Im not naive enough to thing the game is entirely fair. My point is theres no point "fiddling" in a big race...the rewards are there to see. Thats why a very good mate of mine only bets in Group point fiddling! And he has made a living out of racing for over 30 years!

    Stables like Easterby (all of them!!!), O Meara, Fahey, Boyle, Best, Michael Appleby et al are on my "swerve list". Cheating is ingrained in them like their Dads, uncles et al. I remember the legendary Colin Tinkler telling my uncle that in the Low Grade Northern Handicaps (like redcar, Ripon, Catterick), the Malton lads used to decide who's turn it was and could probably name the entire finishing order....before a race!! then SIS and televised racing came in and they had to be more subtle!!! No, not just a Northern thing! Geoff Lewis, Akehurst, Atwater, Boyle, Best etc are in the rogues gallery. One of the biggest chancers has finally been outed "Mr Brisbourne" and had to back the game ! And of course the master villain "Sir Mark" who gets names like "shrewd" "clever" "master of placement" "handicapping expert"....all clever words for "C H E A T"!!!

    But then again, thats why these boys rarely win a group race or even run in one, thus fairly safe to have a bet.

    O Brien is different. He has an embarrassment of riches and has to run several in one race because he can never run in handicaps because the handicapper wont let him. He got have Muffin the Mule and the handicap will give it 141! So he runs hundreds in gp races and of course the "1st string2 wont always win but when the "1st string" gets beat by another O Brien horse everyone cries foul! But on closer inspection it was only rated 2lb below the "1st string"! Whos cheating? noone! Who's a mug? The punter for backing Moore at 6/4 and not backing Hefferman at 33/1! If you go back to Royal Ascot i went near max bet on heffermans at 25/1 against Moore at 2/1 and won! I also gave reasons for my choice...Moore had never ridden the "2nd string" because it was a difficult horse at home and Hefferman is considered the better horseman. Result? hefferman wins! A few on here cried cheat, a few congratulated me on spotting the cheat! I hadnt! There was NO cheat! All i did was my homework and worked out Heffermans was a better horse and thank you very much for 25/1 while the mugs went 2/1 on Ryan Moore.

    so yes, i agree there is cheating in racing, lets face it, anywheres theres money , theres cheating! If drugs were free, there would be no dealers! If there was no betting there would be no Easterbys (a man can pray!!)

    Anyhoo, good discussion Peregrine, exactly what the Board is for
  • tues
    Cracking price on Glory and Fortune...went in again as soon as it touched 9/4 (last nights price)...puzzled about drift as Laceys mob had been barking for weeks. Mind you it cant job, nor could the fav! Curious race! Good old Anteros , it would have been cruel to beat as it was miles clear of 3rd. may win again depending on hcappers reaction which shouldnt be harsh. sherwoods ran really well and unlucky to bump into a Hobbs Special! Emmas wasnt good enough in a hot race but im keeping it in my notebook. Lively Article was worth a punt at 25/1 but sadly cant see it ever winning!

    So ggod profitable day on the whole and great to be back with Real racing!!
  • Mullins

    im afraid loads of horses suffered the same fate...thats what happens with 32 odd runners on a track with one turn. probably 20 hard luck stories and 10 or so not breaking a sweat. Mullins "criticised" the rides on both of his in the immediate interview on Racing UK saying "they were both placed far too far out back and both given far too much to do". i think an honest assessment. all 3 horses under different ownership so cant see collusion and coupling would have had no effect whatsoever.

    Great White Shark: "Unseated rider 2f before arriving at start, held up in midfield, not clear run and shuffled back 5f out, switched left, right and tried to rally 4f out, no chance but plugged on to pass beaten horses from over 1f out (op 11/1)"

    Buildmeupbuttercup: "Held up towards rear, closed 5f out, switched right and headway 4f out, chased leaders 3f out, no extra under pressure and beaten over 1f out, weakened final furlong (op 13/2 tchd 11/2)"

    sorry mate, doesnt wreak of a fiddle to me. Also why would 2 Group 1 millionaire riders get involved in a tin pot coup? They earn more in interest than they would get out of a fiddle.

    sorry mate, just a nightmare handicap that noone should bet in except a few quid to throw away (like my bet)....the result 25/1 50/1 50/1 33/1 would suggest that if there were loads of fiddles, they all lost. And back to my point...Tony Bloom does not suffer fools (jocked winston off for losing 1 race) and its obvious he and Mullins were as shocked as anyone that theirs won (thus the price...believe me if there was a coup Bloom would have been on big time and it would have been 9/4 fav ...remember Withold gamble?).

    Just a forgettable race that needs forgetting and move on and if trainers run several in a race of course theres a good chance one will win. read Fallons book about Ballydoyle when he was there. he was TOLD which one to ride and often thought his price was stupid compared to a stablemate who probably had more ability. who makes these prices? the sheep ie stupid punters! Im very happy for Ryan Moore to keep riding hot favs while I pick up cash on Donacha and Seamie and wayne!
  • Mullins
    Hi Micky

    Yeah it is a minefield, but with the logic youve shown, the Stratums of this world can stick out (not withn me tho! Doh!..although to be fair i spent 2 mins studying as its of no interest to me). great tote spot too, which also makes me think Tony bloom was as shocked as the rest of us!

    Now I dont rate Skelton at all (now im expecting a barage!). Hes a one trick pony a la Pipe in his early days. Get a horse, get them stupidly fit, run in poor races no matter what the odds and boast hes had 200 winners! His horses will rarely improved because he runs them at 120% fto. yes every now and again he may hit a jackpot or two, but thats because its a good horse DESPITE his training methods. And because of his ignorance and obsession with winners and stats he will let some good ones go, like Mullins winner. He thought it was poor because his methods didnt produce win after win. i bet Mullins stripped it bare and brought it back together again. Mullins horses are happy horses and well looked after (im not suggestion Skeltons arent) but he will get improvement where others cant thats why hes the master and Skelton the poor apprentice
  • Mullins
    To be fair he said before the race (to Matt Chapman) that Stratum had been out of form on the flat but had won a hurdles race lto " but clearly fancied the other 2 more. After the race he also pointed out one unshipped and Frankie had the co fav in the wrong place and gave it to much to do. thank good we dont have "coupling" seriously would be happy with the 25/1 shot being the same price as the co-fav or less? Plus dont they have to be in the same ownership to couple not trainer? (French prices are appalling and over round by huge percentages.It is the owner that forces the plunge on his horses (Tony Bloom) so im presuming he had very little or nothing on it. Also I think we all get caught up in conspiracy theories far too much. These top trainers with 100s of horses have 100s of owners to please too. All three owners wanted theirs to run, so he runs them. On current and known form, his three were rated accordingly in the betting but as you pointed out, Stratum was always capable and had the ability to win that race.

    plus betting in these ridiculous handicaps ran over distances noone runs over all season, gets raided by jump trainers, raided by Irish horses who's handicap system is totally different from ours, plus running on ground only hurdlers had encountered before....well too be honest when you put that lot in a formular you must be stupid (me included!) to have a bet! Thats why i had a tiny bet on a 50/1 shot! anyone that plunged on Baldings ( i heard absolutely zilch from this non gambling trainer so must have been a bookies fake gamble that morons latched on to....moderate form, never ran on ground like that, never run the distance , trainer never won the race (well i dont think so) etc etc). Maybe thats why the result was 25/1, 50/1 50/1 and 33/1!!

    i heard some idiot on telling becrying the Pinutubo race decrying how O Briens 2nd or 3rd string gave Pinutubo a race when they had lumped on Wichita!!! First of all, he took on the best 2yo ive seen in 25 year!!! (proved its class by still winning easily on awful ground) and O Briens "2nd string" won the Coventry for goodness sake! i offered to take the guys bets in future and give him an improved margin. despite him knowing ive got the means (and integrity) to pay him he turned it down! He said hed rather side with Hills (and its awful prices!)...i rest my case your honour!

    ive said for years if you want horses to run to their exact form every time buy a scalectrix and dont go near animals!

    handicaps are what they are. each horse, given good health, well trained, right ground, right course, right jockey can dead heat with any other horse in the race.

    You may have noticed my selections are seldom short prices. I dont follow the sheep. Look at Ropey Guest on sat, i took 50/1. If you watched its Grp3 race before against Wichita, it was running a cracker and would have been closer if not hampered terribly just as it was quickening up...straight into my note book! The Fav at 5/2 beats Wichita (only its 2nd start) by 1 length. Now in my notes i noted that in my opinion Ropey would have been beaten by Wichita by 2 lengths max. Given that this was Ropeys 4th race at Newmarket (fav never had to handle dip before), the soft ground would fav more experienced horses and the big was 47.5 points bigger in the betting than the fav, i had to have a bet. i also thought the trainer may be realistic and ride it for a place knowing it probably wasnt good enough to win...hey presto, ive got a bet! Thats how my mind works. i could thrown in that the fav had Crowley on its back which is a huge negative, running at Newmarket for the 1st time and on ground its nerer seen...throw in 2 Godolphin improvers and it didnt take me long to write it off. Thank goodness my thinking worked but i didnt have to risk much at 50/1 to get a good return ew.

    Ive only given my thought process betting as an example, not to gloat. But im seriously worried about how people think when they bet. yes, its largely true that when its a favs day i generally lose although if i think its best horse in the race and is value (and yes 2/1 CAB be value) i have no problem lumping on. But seriously, either Baldings or Mullins at 9/2? The bookies were laughing at us and anyone that bet them needs sectioning!
  • Weds
    of course i did the ew extra 4th and it was 5th! Doh! Will be better when sent handicapping on better ground. Im not abandoning it tho, trainer is convinced this is a good horse and will be better at 3. No excuses for Emmas, a well beat 3rd
  • Windsor
    Cheers Rodeo, beggars belief doesnt it? Willie is a good judge aso that really must be an awful race

    chesterfield ran a cracker in 5th, Mrs Worthington got heavily backed and nabbed by an outsider (but had ew so ok) and Imogen gave Mama Africa a good ride in 5th

    Poor day but none too mmuch expected
  • Windsor
    Well, so it continues but the claimer was hilarious. Fav drifts from odds on to 2/1 and gets beat by horses wrated 63, 65 and not rated (100/ willie muirs comments on Lambourn page...even he thought it was useless!). It gets beat nearly 8 lengths! wow thats dreadful considering how well it was. Bells 2yo gets beat (easliy) by a springer from Tom wards stable (ex hannon)25/1 to 8/1.....luckily i never played with Plait as it just shows you supposed good things get baet...but PLEASE read Willie Muirs comments about the 100/1 shot ! Ho hum!
  • Sat
    What a oile of poo summed up by lavenders blue nightmare race! Oh well sats have been good to me so cant complain
  • Sat
    Whoops! Well spotted fla! Yes! At ascot talking to one of clives owners and they cant belive the price. They think ‘tis marvellous to run well but think this one may sneak a place! I love 100/1 shots!
  • Friday
    whoops! Left Cliffs of Capri out...very amusing video by Jamie again suggesting something very profound between owner Michael Buckly and Jamie Spencer...the look on Nicola Curries face is brilliant! Cracking stuff, there should be more humour, but youll sense the warmth towards Nicola and how high regard she is held in. A very happy yard indeed
  • Monday
    yeah i think they need to retire it, wont win even off this mark
  • Monday
    phew, scrambled home. if id got beaten by of Hughes id have to pack up!
  • Monday
    Stainless , after Black Saturday (Rugby and Racing!) i definitely needed a good soaking! You know when your luck is out....i sussed the Irish 2yo form (and subsequently French!) was better than the English, but got the selection of which one completely wrong but then had a good bet on Siskin who did a great impression of an Olympic diver in the stalls (thank goodness, all seems ok and lives to fight another day). Ill be seeing Irish Hippos soon!!
  • Monday
    I really am losing the plot! Molinari is also running in the 230! Ive backed it at 16/1 and may regret my bet Surrey Pride as i know Willie holds it in high regard. Apparently 25/1 was available earlier! Doh! I need to lay down!
  • Middle Park
    Mugz it won a tin pot sales race, coulnt even head a 100/1 shot! Grp1s are a million miles away from a sales plus moore rode it right out to achieve the big margin. Looked suspicious as if they wanted to sell it! Add threat and the english 2 yo form is looking poor.
  • Saturday
    Hope siskin is ok, looked nasty
  • Saturday
    Well at least we know, pinatubo aside, the english 2yo is poop! Just heard racing tv idiot say mums tipple didnt fire? Is he for real? It won a mickey mouse sales race! It couldnt even lead a 100/1 dhot. Threat also murdered and the French race has largely worked out. Im guessing pinatubo will shorten as this lot couldnt tie his laces or hoofs!