• Hippo
    Hi guys, been a pleasure posting with most on this site. But time (yes 4th time lucky) to knock it on the head. I love the game but feel this forum has lost its mojo and mugz has made a comment that is so stupid on the cyrname theme (brilliant win btw by a class horse) thats got under my skin. He has refused to deal with offensive posters on here , but too be honest, im tired of the whole thing and dont need to do it. Debate is frowned upon and thats me all over! My partner also cant believe i lasted this long

    Thank you to all the good guys on here, some great and well informed guys and girls.

    Keep beating those bookies
  • Dexy
    Altior was beat fair and square and everyone has a right to their opinion. Get over it.. I for one thought you were better than this. Gd luck
  • Mugz
    Hippo, you have given out personal insults to a top trainer who has no right to reply, but when someone disagrees with you you're off ! You say that debate is frowned upon but you cant take it when someone disagrees with you on a racing matter. I stand by everything I have written on Cyrname/Altior, its my opinion. Come on now, this is ridiculous.
  • Stevie Wonder
    Agree with you Mugz. Thrre are some T W A T S and multi id posters on hete - we know who they are and it's best to ignore their posts. There are also a few clsss tipsters on here. Sorry you are leaving Hippo as I for one enjoyed your regular posts. Nobody will forget that Saturday multi back in the summer.
  • Stevie Wonder
    PS I'm a bit riude about Pumpkin Head but I just don't like him :smile:
  • yesleb
    Thanks for everything Hippo. Not just the tips but your insights into bigger picture of the horse racing world. Good luck for the future.
  • Fuzzybear1649140
    Hippo. Sorry to read you are leaving as like the majority I enjoyed reading your posts and reading what your selections were. The thing is to use the board to your benefit and ignore everything else. Have a break then come back if you like.
    Cheers for now :cool:
  • AKD
    Sorry to see this, Hippo. You are one of the best if not the best posters on here with your selections and also your opinions in general, no one will ever forget that Saturday six-timer (although I wasn’t lucky enough to follow you that day). This is an open forum though, and everyone is entitled to their opinion however stupid it may seem to you.

    On Cyrname, you have been quite clear in past that you don’t believe that he is worthy of such a high rating, and I respect your reasons for believing that but in a post on here last season I gave detailed reasons why I believed Cyrname’s rating wasn’t far off his true ability. It’s all about opinions and how we look at things differently, it’s not always about someone being right or wrong. Credit to Altior’s connections for trying a new trip, but watching the race yesterday I felt that Cyrname would have won even if race had been over shorter distance, but again that’s just my opinion, you may disagree with me. Steeplechasers are generally at their peak at ages 7-8, so its fair to say Altior may be past his best as you have also hinted he could be close to retiring. Had both horses been at same stage of their careers, who would have won we won’t find out, but it would have been a great race. They are both very good horses.
    I do hope that Hippo stays his posts are a good read and his knowledge is second to none.
    I feel if Hippo stops posting this board will fade away fast.
    I have had a horrible weekend myself nothing to do with racing personal stuff but all is ok.
    Come on Hippo we all feel like that some days ?
    What you say ?
  • alanb
    I don't usually post apart from comps, we cannot win every time we bet so bad enough losing my own money at times and not dragging others down with me but in this case I feel that it will be a big loss if you decide to call it a day Hippo. I for one will miss your information and I'm shore all the others will so whatever has upset you rise above it Hippo, if you do leave all the very best to you.
  • Dazzler
    Fully appreciate your comments Hippo and it does irritate me too, especially in the fact that nothing gets done about the multi ID'ers etc who are now replying to their own comments....lol. Will be really sorry to see you go as you are one of the very few people i stay on this board to listen too!! Another big nail in this boards coffin if you go mate.....but it's your decision, as is ours to ignore the time wasters etc...and hopefully see you posting on another forum soon which deals with the wasters etc very quickly and allows good guys to share their tips and info with no bullsh*t or backlash!! Cheers Hippo
  • Maxh
    Sorry to see you go
    Always enjoyed your posts even when being provocative
  • calvert
    Good Luck H and thanks for all past Info
  • micky
    That's a bummer, I like Hippo and all his tips and views, the most indepth poster we get nowadays. :(
  • ToonFanBry
    Shame, :sad: good luck top man
  • Judge
    Hopefully Hippo has a change of heart, I really hope so because I think he is a great member of this board with some brilliant tips and great in-depth information. :cry:
  • malawi
    sorry to see you go hippo great posts and top tips we cant all agree all the time but its a racing forum and I don't think there is any malice intended hope you do come back though as you were an asset to the forum good luck
  • Dragon2
    Hi Hippo, please keep posting. I check in everyday to read your posts and Admire your knowledge
  • headlad
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  • Mancymouth
    Best poster by a mile. Forum will suffer even more without his input. Shame.
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