• Mugz
    Champion trainer in the next 2 season?
  • Hippo
    No Muggz, no chance. hes doing a pipe ie winning 100s of low key races at odds on at the duff tracks. it took Pipe 10 years before he started winning graded races and the owner (David?) Johnson backing him. one lucky win at Cheltenham doesnt make him a genius. Dont forget Pipe made Scudamore champ jockey but actually how many championship races did Scudamore ever win?

    And dont forget the Championship is based on prize money....50 wins round Newton Abbot in 3 runner micky mouse races = 1 Altior win in a Grade 1!
  • Mugz
    Yes, but big owners are likely to be interested by now surely based on his track record. If you have a good horse you arent taking much of a gamble if you place it with Dan Skelton.
  • jimfl
    Anybody can train a good horse it's the average horses that defines a good trainer
  • Hippo
    Mugz, it took pipe years too get good horses as he flogged him half to death. Skelton will get the gambling types unless he can steal some owners from Nicholls!

    Jim I partly agree but the championship is based on money not no of winners. Put it this way, its great being De Souza but id rather be frankie! (he earns 10 times more money for a fraction of the winners that De Souza has.

    JP doesnt seem to have any plans for Skelton and Ryanair arent leaving Ireland so i cant really see how hes going to do it with what hes got or where these new owners are coming from. He has Hobbs, Nicholls and Tizard to contend with as well as Henderson and King. graded winners attract owners. Good luck to him but cant see it for many years
  • Mugz
    I suppose there is the argument that if you have a good horse with a trainer who has a lot of good horses, then you can control when and where they will meet or not as the case may be. That way you can maximize your chances of winning G1's.
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