• Jack Trotter
    The ride on Kameko leaves a lot to be desired.

    He knew what he was up against in Siskin and Mohaather yet left himself buried on the inside.

    He has his excuse in the Derby because the horse that won slipped the field and other jockeys fell into the same trap but today he was made an example of through very poor race riding by Jim Crowley and Colin Keane.

    I am sure the owner he has the rides for with Kameko will be considering their partnership.

    There are a lot of jockeys out there and it is a results business. Yes I backed it and this is not my wallet talking but it should have won today.

  • peregrine
    Yes horse finished with its ears pricked your right to feel nagged off
  • peregrine
    Naffed off
  • slogan
    Marcus Tregonning was confident on Mohaather's chance.
    I would still stick with Mohaather if he ran against Kameko again.
    That is not money talking...I bet Sishkin
  • Jack Trotter
    I am sure he was Slogan and indeed a very talented horse and my congratulations to the connections of this horse and I mean this sincerely ,

    My issue was the ride that Osin Murphy gave Kameko.

    For instance look at Siskin, a far worst position out the back and Mohaather was not fortunate in his race position during the race however look how Jim Crowley and Colin Keane overcome these issues through good race riding and took their mounts into the race. That is the difference for me. Fine margins.

  • slogan
    Your right JT ....it was not a good ride by Murphy as both Crowley and Keane took the long way around.
    Murphy took a chance that the horse in front would weaken and he would get the run he wanted but...it didn't happen.
    Winner made jock look good
  • Jack Trotter
    Interview with Osin Murphy after the race/

    Oisin Murphy apologised for his “jockey error” as he came to terms with Kameko’s luckless passage in the Qatar Sussex Stakes.

    The champion jockey found himself badly short of racing room in the showpiece Group One on day two of Glorious Goodwood – and after finishing a three-and-a-quarter-length fourth, Murphy was left feeling the best horse had not won the race.

    While Kameko was boxed in as the race developed in the straight, Marcus Tregoning’s Mohaather produced an electric turn of foot to sweep past the field on the outside for a memorable success under Jim Crowley.

    Murphy was positioned behind the front-running Circus Maximus, who went on to finish runner-up in the race for a second successive year.

    After failing to find any daylight when he needed it, Kameko still could not get a clear run even when switched out.

    Murphy said: “I couldn’t find any room up the straight and I felt like the best horse didn’t win on the day.
    “Unfortunately, these things happen sometimes – and it is jockey error. ”

    He retains great belief in Andrew Balding’s 2000 Guineas winner.
    “Kameko jumped very smart,” added Murphy.
    “Obviously, I wanted to take a lead and I thought Circus Maximus would make the running.
    “I hope then horse is sound in the morning, and he lives to fight another day.
    “Apologies to his connections. A lot of hard work goes into preparing these horses, and nobody wants hard-luck stories.
    “You saw the way he travelled, and I was full of horse for most of the race.”

    Balding too was left ruing Kameko’s misfortune as he reflected on events immediately post-race.
    “I have only seen it once with the naked eye, and I would have to watch it again, but he looked unlucky,” said the Kingsclere trainer.
    “He has finished on the heels of them, and Oisin was a bit unlucky on him, but it happens round here.”
  • peregrine
    If only other jocks owned up. fair play to Murphy .but I think it's about time the stewards got to grips with the ones who do not visibly put in any effort . When we can all see especially if you know what your observing. The game is bent and I'm 100 per cent right about that. Trouble is the jocks are being paid off it's just proving it and who's involved . One day it will and I look forward to it :mask:
  • Jack Trotter
    I appreciate Osin Murphy coming out and admitting he was at fault.

    However if you make too many mistakes then you may have to replaced by a more reliable jockey and I get we will all make mistakes however that is two mistakes in a row and he will be nervous next time to avoid any further mistakes which will put him under even more pressure.

    He is a good professional but on these "high profile horses/races" you will get found out if you do not perform to your near or very best and as I said earlier it is a results business,

    Forget me and my bet that is not important and he may have been beaten by the winner anyway even with a clear run but imagine if you owned trained or worked with this horse for months prior to the race preparing for the big day, I imagine their loss is much greater.

    Anyway, it is just a sporting event and worse things can happen. Main thing is the horse is sound and everyone is safe and well which is more important.

    Have a good week at Goodwood everyone and enjoy your racing and if you can make a few quid, wonderful. :up:

  • peregrine
    Yes Jack always remember this as in the derby a race which is 1 mile and a half. These jocks are trained pro's some riding since they were knee high to a grasshopper they can put horses where ever they want in most races unless they are badly drawn but as in the derby it was embarrasing that's putting it mildly. If jocks drop your horse out early doors you know in most cases your cash is done. If they are trying they normally have them in the first 3 but time and time again me you and anyone else who knows what your looking at its bang out of order and the stewards just turn a blind eye . That is wrong they aren't doing their job . It can't be easy trying to control big beasts . But these pro's are trained . Bit like if your a racing driver or if your a joiner plumber if it's your profession you know just what to do. Tell me how many times do you see a horse rear as the gates open ? It's not by coincidence you see it regular and then the horse finish fast and the commentator come out with that old chestnut it was unlucky.still we like a bet and good money can be made ,but bookies hate losing and if you have an online account they soon close you down.they take it fast enough when you lose but win and it's a different matter.
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