I realise its a hot bank holiday monday
    but hardly any posters on here
    if no one bothers it wont be here soon
  • Dexy
    Quality not Quantity :cool:
  • IanThomasShaw
    There’s a reason you don’t allow engineers to run projects, because they will out of their own self interest create fascinating outputs that ultimately customers don’t want

    That’s why it’s always advisable to have the business run the project, as out of its own self interest the business will represent the customer.

    If the business allows the engineers take over it soon won’t have any customers
  • malawi
    there is some great tipsters on here and as dexy says quality over quantity is far better
  • Mugz
    Agreed. If there were 40 tips put up here every day what are you going to do with them?
  • Dazzler
    The problem is Mugz with the multi ID'S and deluded few there sometimes is 40 tips, and most of them are crap from the people I allude to above! Sort them and we all get what we want!!
  • Jack Trotter
    Dexy is right.

    It is all about quality.

  • Dazzler
    We are all agreeing with Dexy JT!! Just sort the wheat from the chaff and either 'expose' the multi ID'ers (why do they do it?) and/or get rid of the deluded few and we will start to get what we want....won't we???
  • IanThomasShaw
    An engineer has arrived on the thread
  • Jack Trotter
    I choose to just give them a wide berth Dazzler.

    By drawing attention to these antics can only fuel the fire they wish to burn.

    Moderators nightmare trying to Police this.

  • Rodeo
    what Moderators. :rofl:
  • Dazzler
    Some of them even reply to themselves!!! Wtf?? And sometimes with a totally different point of view!! Lol sad really
  • Hippo
    i must admit, i didnt post as i thought the racing was dreadful! Southwell AW on a bank holiday in record temperatures? the BHA have lost the plot.! Also to be fair, it was also following a major festival where you were either celebrating a win or licking your wounds....personally i was licking my wounds over Frank Spencers worst ever ride in the Ebor! He cost me a 25/1 winner and a substantial return and yep, the BHA have ignored it as always but go persecuting a young apprentice with a 6 month ban for being scared of them!

    The BHA are putting off punters more than anything else. They cant police the sport (Hannons are furious about his ride in the Ebor), puzzle everyone with their so called ratings (Cyrname and Crystal Ocean were in their eyes the best jumps and flat horses in the world...despite their combined strike rate being less than 50%!!!...and hardly any Gp1s!), plus their greed over fixtures, slotting in AW meetings everywhere....i watched some "highlights" from Chelmsford from Sat...if there were 100 people in that "grandstand" (looked like a recycled garage forecourt to me!), id be surprised. The game needs a shakeup and the BHA are the least qualified to do so.

    Just m,y personal thoughts and and i realise not representative of others, but certainly my reasons for punting less and crucially losing interest in this ever increasing bland product. American racing is a bland as it gets and we are heading that way. I wont be staying for the ride, thats for sure! Running round in a circle producing exactly the same times per firlong and doped to the eyeballs...and thats just the BHA!
  • peregrine
    totally agree with hippo most days the racing is dire. its corrupt and any one who thinks otherwise is im afraid not switched on.
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