• Hippo
    Japan ensured i covered myself but persuasive ran as if therewas something amiss. Im not abandoning yet!

    155 Already had my big bet ew on Flippa 25/1 4 places. Im a hiuge fan of this horse and it owes me nowt after its 16/1 win in the National Stakes at Sandown...a fav race of mine! The fav is there to be seen but im still not sure about the extra furlong. My selection of Josephs o Brien would have beaten it with any kind of a run at unglorious Goodwood and Ascot form suggests Flippa will get the extra furlong better yet 6/4 against 28/1! Remember, this is how i bet...the 6/4 shot may win today but my 28/1 bets will pay better dividends over the season as long as they are not 28/1 bets for no reason. This is fancied by Hills and they will be gutted if it doesnt run a huge race so 28/1 doesnt feel "silly". Yes theres more dark horses in the race (notably Tates and Haggas) and more possible improvers but Flippa is battle hardened and had some bad luck at Ascot and Goodwood. This course (with its good draw) should help Flippa. Not a lecture, just how my mind works in case you think ive lost it!!

    225 Was going to wade in on Sword Beach until the draw which effectively gives it little chance. Eve is very unlucky at York and so it continues! small ew at 25/1 5 places

    300 im backing two, Qaysar 10/1 and Petrus 16/1. Both well drawn and both with proven form but this is a nightmare of a race

    415 Poor old Bella Vista. What has Eve done to upset the handicapper? Up 20lb since its its first hcap wiin in may then gets put up 7lb for coming a well beaten 2nd lto! Hard as nails and she will try her heart out but difficult off 98 small ew at 12/1

    450 A first for me...im backing the ultimate cheating familys horse, the Easterbys! their brand is "Cheating the public for over 40 years!.....and the handicapper has never noticed"!!! Rux Rux is a 7f specialist , has a great draw, localish track and its 50/1! Yes 50/1! i must break all my rules and back it. No doubt it will fall out of the stalls, trip over a strawberry and do the splits....all because Uncle Mick forgot to back it! young Gormley is good so everything points to a good run...if the stable let it!

    Im nit expecting too much today but will be gutted if Flippa doesnt give a good account
  • Dexy
    My York bets
    2.25 MUMS TIPPLE & 4.50 CHALEUR Gd luck :ok:
  • Hippo
    Well the winner was very impressive. i SEE the trainer did say before hand he would reverse the places with the fav! good ride from Tudhope. Flippa 2nd last, thats racing i suppose but still a huge disappointment
  • Dazzler
    With you on Mums Tipple Dexy and like Kynren and Silver Line ew in the 3pm
  • Fuzzybear1649140
    :cheer: nice one dexy
  • Dexy
    Boooom! Even Ryan couldn't f**k that up :cool:
  • Hippo
    now THATS a winner! Errr maybe a group horse amongst sellers! Very impressive indeed! Muy mum could have won on that!
  • john smith
    450 York

    500+/1 on BF
    Excellent Times

    Winning Trainer:T D Easterby
    Winning Jockey:Phil Dennis
  • Doubler
    The last winner was tipped by MrForce in the TTC comp.
  • Valuefinder
    Managed to stick an extra 0 on my stake on Rux Ruxx, I tended to have a couple of quid each way :groan:

    one day i managed to place the same bet on a horse six times the page kept saying error
    when it eventually loaded i was on six times.
    i called them frantically before the off and they removed the bets seeing was an error
    1 min before the off the horse refused to go in stalls was withdrawn lmao
    all that panic for nothing

    mind you if it had ran and won lol would been a sickner
  • Valuefinder
    I’d done it with a bet boost which means (I think) that you can’t cash out either. Was happy to let it run, just gutted that the logic was spot on but the selection was the wrong one of two! The glory of a £1k+ win was too much to resist! I’m having a day off tomorrow.
  • Hippo
    Errrrrt what can i say? trying to double guess these cheats is impossible! The young lad never gave it a chance then ran on like a train!!ho gum!
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