• Hippo
    Busy day for first day at York. Looks as if weather has behaved and at last we may have normal ground!

    155 Duke of Firenze...been told to have a few quid from a shrewd yard (not who told me....dont know them). Drawn 5 which may be good. Its 33/1 first 5 places and more places available on B365 ewbet

    225 What a cracker of a race. Our Iriosh guy cant separate Harpocrates at 10/1 and Vitagology at 4/1 and thinks they will be 1 and 2 but I was so impressed with Persuasive at Goodwood although the fast finishing Cole horse was very unlucky which may made Hills look even more impressive. 7/2 was massive last night so i had a max bet on it with a csf the 3 to cover my stakes

    300 Lots of reputations but i keep landimng at Norway! Being allowed to race on its merits today, 12/1 is bonkers and i think it will beat Moores (hes on wrong one again?) and Gosdens. A bit of a sly one but honestly this is Gp1 form against handicappers

    335 Right, lets end this nonsense about Crystal Ocean being the best horse in training...its won 8 out of 16a nd been beaten in listed and gp2 and 3s fgs! It couldnt even beat its own average stable mate in last years King George! It also means its lost 50% of his his races....how can that be top rated? The same idiot who thinks Cyrname is the best chaser and hes only won 25% of his races!!! Look the BHA are a bizarre bunch of idiots who are not in the real world. They see things through gin tinted glasses and are mates with the Sir Michaels and fat Oafs of this world!Enable beat it when it was only 755 and the o Brien mafia trieed to get it beat. Frankie had to circumnavigate the world but still won hands and heels. Admittedly todays opposition aren world beaters. This years 3 yos are the worst ive seen for years. look at the Derby fgs, has there been more than 2 or 3 winners come out of it? that said Im backing Japan despoite having the burden of carrying clueless Moore onits back. It woon in a canter at Ascot and should have won the the Dante but for said buffoon above being asleep and then Wayne Lordan unluckily dropping its whip in the Derby. It hacked up in its prep race. JG sends his sub King of Comedy to beat Crytal Tips and Alastair and i think it will. Tremendously unlucky at Ascot, i still cant believe it was beat"! apparently a loony at home and all that faffing about in Gp1s at York may end its race before it runs. Unless you can get 4/1 plus id wait til its in the stalls healthy before betting on it and watch the prelims like a hawk. If it sweats or pulls, abandon ship and double bet on Japan. Crystal Tips will probably win and it should on ratings but if you think (like me) the ratings are decided by a 3 year old dalmatian called max youll take it on!

    Look, Enable is the best flat horse and Altior is the best jumps horse.

    450 i never bet on nurseries but remember John Ryan saying Bill Neigh will be well served by a handicap. Its badly drawn in my opinion but 25/1 several places ew is worth a punt

    Away from York, Willie fancies General Zoff in the 745 at Kempton at 5/1 ew and Greatex likes North Star Oscar in the 700 at Worcester at 7/1

    Good luck on day 1
  • Hippo
    Im really getting fed up with Fahey specials...where did that improvement come from? And Clueless beaten in yet another finish!
  • Dazzler
    Lol, Fahey loves York Hippo and always targets it big style!!
  • Hippo
    I know Dazz, but thats SOME improvement! Just saying! lol
  • Hippo
    Phew, at last
  • Judge
    Nice one Hippo :up:
  • Rodeo
    ye me post disapeared n anothere posted here .. n1 m8 great race
  • Hippo
    im pleased with the 13/2 i got but Japan is not a great horse and the 3yos are terrible which confirms my thoughts about Crystal Ocean. Brilliant horses maybe unlucky once but not over and over again. Crystals a good honest stayer but not a great horse. It has no gears for instance and would never win an Arc. Hopefully the BHA see sense and and adjusts the stupid ratings it got.
  • dodd
    FWIW Hippo I thought Moore gave Japan a great ride. Positioned it well just off the pace and even though it looked like CO had took a few lengths when it went for home. Moore has got up.
  • Hippo
    It was a good ride, he owed punters one though! But to temper it have a watch of the ride he gave it in the Dante...against useless horses! He is too hit and miss and may have let stardom get to him. Of course hes a great rider, but maybe hes had enough?
  • Bodger
    WD with Japan.
  • Dazzler
    Backed Japan as well Hippo, but also had it Antepost for the Leger. Lost that one now though eh?
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