• 7.45
    Sarah nearly came down on loose ground on the bend doubt it would have got near the well backed easy winner penny out
  • 1.25
    David Allan amazing ducked on camahawk then 4 other rides 1 won and the other 3 placed one was 125.1 :roll: it makes me think I don't know what to think
  • 1.25
    The money came the money went awful :grimace:
  • Queensferry Stakes
    The rain has arrived hope your selection likes it and good luck
  • 1.30 hay.
    Don't think that going is as they have said looks on the soft side and I reckon they have watered it :roll:
  • Thursday
    That's right profit no matter how much it's better in your pocket akd:up:
  • 1.15
    Boy that was close and at last I got the better of tudhope :up: that's it for today won a pile yesterday and in front now so I'm off
  • 1.15
  • 1.0
    Just didn't pick up :roll:
  • 7.20 sligo
    Sluiced in and a lovely drift 9.4 :cool: happy days
  • Ayr picks
    The t easterby crew are having plenty of winners at the moment Joe
  • R/FC and t/cast 2.40 Ayr.
    Yes rodeo that was the bet as heavy ground came just before the race. Had it last time till big Les came and did me. Thanks rodeo
  • R/FC and t/cast 2.40 Ayr.
    John kirkup thank you 5.1 but fcast tcast down :yum:
  • Beverley
  • 5.40
  • 5.40
    5th and well beat :roll:
  • 3:00 Cork
  • 5.45
    4th e.w 4.1 so no bones broken :roll:
  • Buick
    Last :scream: still bets a winner.:up:


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