• 4.39
    3rd no bones broken well beat but got squeezed up half way round and did well to get a place
  • e/w patent
    Out back today is good conditions are appalling:scream:
  • Clan Des Obeaux
    As I've pointed out on clan des obeux if the going has good in it and it isn't a bog it will go very close imo. It rained last year and Paul nicholls wasn't happy.they train their horses all year for the big one hoping they get there in one piece and have the right conditions. Remember the other year when on the first day all Mullins horses odds on got stuffed. he threw his toys out of his pram ordering the Cheltenham staff to water or he was withdrawing all his horses. How's that fair on all the other trainers who aren't as big .yes the welfare of the horses should come before anything else.but in any other sport you can't have it just to suit yourself. ie football you can't call a game off if you players out injured.
  • Meydan winter warmers are back
    well i got it right about the trainer winning the race.but the wrong horse of the 3 . first nation has flew home but jalmoud was very poor. got 7.1 on the each way so not too bad slight loss.
  • Meydan winter warmers are back
    The great collection stone bonkngl last :roll: winner dotted up and was supposed to need the run !
  • Meydan winter warmers are back
    6.0 let's put jalmoud 5.2 with each way on first nation 7.1 both Charlie Appleby's leaving his other out.but in this race s bin suroor has farmed it over the years and he's after it again with 5 runners.:snicker:
  • Meydan winter warmers are back
    Muntazah nr:chin:
  • Meydan winter warmers are back
    Muntazah 11.4 should be a lot fitter today will also have a saver on the greatcollection 33.1 each way.
  • 7.0 kempton
  • Cagnes Super Mare
    See Archie Watson has sent 2 in the 13.17 with Hollie Doyle and Luke Morris going over . Not betting but will watch.
  • 4.32
    6th :yawn:
  • Bob and co anyone watch this race.
    I agree it does appear to get lit up in its races. But if sent too the front early and it gets into a nice rhythm it seems to gallop and they would have trouble trying to reel it in.maybe the nicholls team can work on it before Cheltenham.
  • Bob and co anyone watch this race.
    Hmmm this has got an engine and if it turns up at Cheltenham in the fox hunters I'd be thinking it will go very close .:chin:
  • Bob and co anyone watch this race.
    Anybody watch this run today I've been busy
  • 4.0
    4th :roll:
  • Altior
    Yes Joe clan des obeux did beat it and yet again cyrname was having its first try over the trip. Whereas clan des obeux was a c/d winner. I backed clan des obeux in last year's gold cup but it ran out of petrol on rain softened ground.if the going has good in the description come march clan could surprise. Yes we know altior has won numerous races and has been a superb horse for the Henderson team.i dare say back over 2 miles we might see if it retains its zest for the game. if it does we can look forward to Cheltenham with some up and coming younger animals taking altior on.
  • Altior
    if you go back on previous posts i stated that id plat crap if altior would win a gold cup. but henderson is talking a load of bull. coming out with it wasnt fit when it took on looked fit to me . just making excuses is poor from a man who has had some very very good horses over the years. i reckon they thought they could beat cyrname but it back fired because altior is not a stayer. simple. horses that win over all distances like kauto star are very hard to find.that was a proper champion. i just wish henderson would stop whingeing. because it looks like hes still not got grips after their superstar got stuffed fair and square.
  • 4.35 leop
    :yawn: Elliots 2 Nd string :roll:
  • 4.20
    Money horse sluices up risk factor 2nd got 8.1 but Eric bloodaxe stuffed out of sight


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