Draw for BOTB Cup has been made.

    4 groups have been drawn as follows

    Group A

    The racing voice

    Group B


    Group C

    King Claudio
    “System X”

    Group D


    Full rules and schedule to follow shortly.
  • AKD
    The competition will start on Tuesday 7th August, with Final taking place on Friday 17th August.

    Each tipster will play in head to head tipping contests against 3 other tipsters in their group. Group matches will take place on 7th, 9th & 11th. Top two from each group will qualify to reach knockout rounds which will consist of quarter finals, semi finals and final.

    Full schedule is as follows

    Tuesday 7th
    Group A - The racing voice Vs Scotstam
    Group A - Twobusty Vs Rodeo
    Group B - Fuzzyduck Vs Alanb
    Group B - Doubler Vs ToonFanBry
    Group C - King Claudio Vs Coss
    Group C - Rockavon Vs System X
    Group D - Brian1147 Vs Reggieboi
    Group D - AKD Vs MrLee

    Thursday 9th
    Group A - The racing voice Vs Twobusty
    Group A - Scotstam Vs Rodeo
    Group B - Fuzzyduck Vs Doubler
    Group B - Alanb Vs ToonFanBry
    Group C - King Claudio Vs Rockavon
    Group C - Coss Vs System X
    Group D - Brian1147 Vs AKD
    Group D - Reggieboi Vs MrLee

    Saturday 11th
    Group A - The racing voice Vs Rodeo
    Group A - Scotstam Vs Twobusty
    Group B - Fuzzyduck Vs ToonFanBry
    Group B - Alanb Vs Doubler
    Group C - King Claudio Vs System X
    Group C - Coss Vs Rockavon
    Group D - Brian1147 Vs MrLee
    Group D - Reggieboi Vs AKD

    Monday 13th
    QF1 - Winner Group A Vs Runner Up Group B
    QF2 - Winner Group B Vs Runner Up Group A
    QF3 - Winner Group C Vs Runner Up Group D
    QF4 - Winner Group D Vs Runner Up Group C

    Wednesday 15th
    SF1 - Winner QF1 Vs Winner QF3
    SF2 - Winner QF2 Vs Winner QF4

    Friday 17th
    Final - Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2

    Set of rules to follow shortly
  • AKD

    1. Each tipster will have a mythical stake of £100 to spend on each match day. Aim is to make a bigger profit than your opponent. You have complete freedom about the number of selections or the type of bets you want to place with your £100 stake. All bets will be settled to industry SP, and according to betting rules. Tipster who gets higher returns than their opponent will win the match (exception applies, please see rule 2 below), and earn 3 points. Both tipsters will be awarded 1 point if a match ends in a draw.

    2. To win a match, a tipster must get a minimum return of £80 from their £100 stake. If both tipsters in match return less than £80, then match will be a considered a draw. This rule is there to prevent people from betting each way on a short price selection.

    3. All selections should ideally be posted on this thread before start of first race of day. This rule will be flexible in that you will still be able to post your selections after first race providing none of your opponents selections has run yet. If you post after one of your opponents selections has run, then your selections will be voided automatically.

    4. Non runners will be voided, and stake returned on them. They can only be replaced if none of your or your opponents selections have run yet.

    5. Selections can be from any races from UK or Ireland.

    I think that’s all the rules, if I think of something else I will add it. If anyone has any questions, please reply to this thread.
  • AKD
    I knew I will forget something. Couple more rules.

    6. If two or more people are level on points at end of Group stage, then positions will be decided according to profit difference.

    7. If a knockout match ends in a draw, then it will be decided by ‘penalties’ the next day. A meeting will be chosen next day to decide the winner.

    Good luck everyone, let’s have some fun and hopefully find some winners along the way.
  • AKD
    There is one place still available for anyone who hasn’t entered yet. If anyone is interested they can take up “System X” spot in the draw before the competition starts tomorrow.
  • Rocky
    I'm on holiday next week
  • Dazzler
    I can fill in if required
  • AKD
    Thanks for stepping in, Dazzler, it makes things much better. You are in Group C and your matches are listed below. Thanks also to Rocky, but as you are away next week you would have missed part of competition.

    Group C

    King Claudio

    Tuesday 7th
    Rockavon vs Dazzler

    Thursday 9th
    Coss vs Dazzler

    Saturday 11th
    King Claudio vs Dazzler
  • fuzzyduck
    07 Aug 2018 14:35:00 CATTERICK Kinloch Pride
    07 Aug 2018 15:40:00 CATTERICK Extrasolar
    07 Aug 2018 16:15:00 CATTERICK Fingal's Cave
    07 Aug 2018 17:15:00 CATTERICK Bee Machine
    07 Aug 2018 20:50:00 AYR Archipeligo

    All @ at £10 E/W
  • Rockavon
    07 Aug 2018
    2:05 Catterick The Big Bad
    5:00 Newbury. Cheeky Rascal
    6:10 Ayr........... One One Seven
    6:20 Nottingham Blaze of Hearts
    8:50 Ayr...............Rosemary

    10 x £2:50 e/way trebles
    5 x £2:50 e/way fourfolds
    1 x £12:50 e/way accumulator
  • King Claudio
    2.20 newb Marshall Dan £10ew
    3.55 Newb Stay Classy £15 win
    4.15 Catt Etikaal £15 win
    5.00 Newb Alexanderthegreat £15 win
    5.15 Catt Super Major £15 win

    £10 ew accumulater
  • Doubler
    Newb 2.20 Good Effort £60Win
    Newb 5.00 Konigin
    £40 Double
  • Dazzler
    2.35 Catterick Pearl Noir. £30 win
    3.40 Catterick Crosse Fire. £15 each way
    3.55 Newbury Even Keel. £20 win
    7.15 Ayr. Play Mate. £20 win
  • Scotstam
    5.00N Golden Image £ 10 each way
    3.10 C Storming Tom £ 20 win
    3.40 C Nifty Niece £ 20 win
    4.15 C Etikaal £ 10 win
    5.15 C Super Major £ 20 win

    £5 each way accumulator all selections
  • The racing voice
    A tactical move from me following the same pattern as my opponent.

    Alexander the great 5.00 n £20 win
    Casima 3.10 c £20 win
    Young tiger 3.40 c £20 win
    Chicken for tea 4.15 £10 win
    Salazar 5.15 £20 win

    £5 way acca all selections.
  • AKD
    2:35 Catterick - Cuppacoco, £7 e/w
    3:40 Catterick - Young Tiger, £7 e/w
    3:40 Catterick - Campion, £7 e/w
    4:15 Catterick - Groupie, £7 e/w
    6:45 Ayr - Rego Park Lady, £7 e/w
    6:45 Ayr - Eternalist, £8 e/w
    8:30 Nottingham - Haverland, £7 e/w

    Good luck MrLee, and everyone.
  • coss
    £8 ew on all ebold

    7th Aug 15:40 6f Hcap:
    A J Cook Back 07-Aug-18

    Catt 7th Aug 16:15 7f Hcap:
    Chaplin Bay Back 07-Aug-18

    Catt 7th Aug 16:45 2m Hcap:
    Russian Royale Back 07-Aug-18

    Catt 7th Aug 17:15 7f Hcap:
    Strategic Back 07-Aug-18

    Newb 7th Aug 14:20 7f Hcap:
    Glamorous Dream

    LUCKY £31 50p win £2.25 ew acca below all the best

    Newb 7th Aug 15:25 1m Hcap:
    Rebel Assault Back 2030152545 07-Aug-18

    Newb 7th Aug 15:55 7f Nursery:
    Nayslayer Back 2030152546 07-Aug-18

    Newb 7th Aug 16:30 1m2f Hcap:
    Glorious Army Back 2030152547 07-Aug-18

    Newb 7th Aug 17:00 1m4f Hcap:
    Cheeky Rascal Back 2030152548 07-Aug-18

    Nott 7th Aug 17:20 6f Nov Stks:
    Dandy Lad
  • twobusty
    compton river 2.35 cattrick
    extrasolar 3.40 cattrick
    fingals cave 4.15 cattrick
    bee machine 5.15 cattrick
    ana lichious 8.50 ayr

    all £10 each way
  • brian1147
    nott 7.25 reveleon         (£20 win)
    rosc 5.30 camelia de cotte (£20 win)
    ayrr 7.15 playmate         (£20 win)
     3x£10 doubles
       £10 treble
  • ToonFanBry
    Fognini 5.40 Ayr
    Equitant 7.50 Ayr
    Moon Song 8.00 Nott
    Druids Diamond 4.45 Catt
    Alexanderthegreat 5.00 New
    5 x£10 singles
    10x £5.00 Doubs
    10 x £5.00 Trebs
  • alanb
    CATT 2.25 GLYDER £20 WIN

    3x £10 DOUDLES
    £10 TREBLE
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