• 8.40 Clems
    you might be reading it right, but you're certainly not typing it right


    Might have been tempted a 33/1, not 7/1
  • 6.35 Wexford
    Welcome back D!


    Just need Jarvis back in action and it'll be like the good days.
  • Thursday - Coup planned
    I didn't really we had to take actual facts into consideration?

    I thought the paranoid brigade could just spot someone with a different opinion to them and accuse them of being a multi-id?
  • Thursday - Coup planned
    +1 for this

    Piecow/aypee/mancymouth/others are all the same person. I go on another forum he’s on and know who it is

    He often copies your tips onto there as if he’s in the know :zip:
  • Thursday - Coup planned
    I’ve sent you a pm?

    I’ve never PMd anyone

    Post up a screenshot you crank
  • Thursday - Coup planned
    just had a look in my tracker pal, Jedds got 3 runners tomorrow

    has he been in touch with our kid yet?
  • INFO from the boys

    That’s the spirit
  • that rebel state
    never in doubt

    8th :rofl:

    Glad you’re staying Insider, a credit to the forum. Ignore the snowflakes who have to be told what to do, rather than forming an opinion themselves
  • that rebel state
    I do. Well most of them

    I’ve backed rebel state and hope it loses

    Don’t want to lose Insider do we

    Here we go...
  • 230 - Woof Woof
    now now

    Let’s not resort to insults or i shall ban you
  • that rebel state
    It’s like waiting for the Gold Cup this :party:

    What if I’m mugz?

    As well as insider and whoever else
  • that rebel state

    “Our kid” :lol:

    You back all Jedds horses regardless ffs
  • that rebel state
    Insider swinging some haymakers here :gasp:

    I backed Rebel state at 8/1 this morning:::

    Now a rule4 = 45p deduction
  • 230 - Woof Woof
    doesn’t bother me

    Am I right in thinking you two believe I am Insider, as I don’t get upset by his posts :rofl:
  • 230 - Woof Woof
    'my team' 'my mole', 'the dogs are barking' :rofl:

    Its all funny as f*ck. If people cant see through it and appreciate it for what it is, then more fool them.

    People should lighten up and scroll past, rather than writing war and peace, starting countless threads about it, crying for mugz to ban him, and bumping all his threads.

    I rarely follow tips on here blind (other than Dexy and Sweeney mainly), but I did have a go on this one. I'll look at other peoples posts and make my own mind up before parting with my money. I decided I liked the look of Momentarily and stuck a bet on.

    Won a few quid too. Whats not to like?
  • 230 - Woof Woof
    Kerching! Cheers Insider, on fire at the moment!
  • 230 - Woof Woof
    Nice one Insider, on at 11/1

    In from 16s :scream:

    That’s the power your info is having on the markets! Bookies on the ropes!
  • 445 - Wolves - Good Word From the track
    Dazzler, insider keeps wiping the floor with you and your multitude of logins

    Post up your info or stfu

    Insider, keep the winners coming. Thanks :clap: