• A Simple Equation
    Exactly mate nothing changes we go out do our business and nothing else matters.
    We can't rely on teams to do it for us.
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    Can't see any transfer activity until we find out what league we are in next season. Our targets will be completely different.
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    Bossed that 2nd half yet i still feel personally it should of been so much better on the goal front.
    possession, tactics, Fitness absolute spot on.
    Yet i still feel we should of scored a whole load more.
    Bamford frustrates the hell out of me sometimes works his socks off and tactically he has something about him but his finishing is woeful he's a very place perfect, powder puff effort sort of player.
    The one on one he should of scored without the foul any number 9 would of disposed of that.
    sometimes you just want to say to him look up and smash the damn thing.
    Thought Bazza played well at LB and he keeps his place for me with that performance.

    Don't want to sound grumpy as we just smashed a very good home side on their own turf even though that had quite a few injuries.
    Next up Stoke Thursday and no more excuses of teams at the bottom.
    Reading showed how you dismantle a team at the bottom when they battered Luton 5-0 on their own patch and there not even half as good as us.
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    you got to shake your head at these refs sometimes.
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    My hearts doing the clappers again.
    lets start again
    calm the game down please!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    fudk sake Leeds why the hell can't we do nothing easy.
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    Defend well and this is over.
    let Blackburn now take the risks
    game management boys lets see it out in this 2nd half.
    Ayling and Klich nothing silly please.
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    Beautiful Kalvin beautiful!
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    very unlucky from Bamford another crazy booking for Ayling for gods sake its a contact sport ref!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Game 40: Blackburn Rovers v LEEDS UNITED
    Very open game.
    Blackburn very unlucky not to be level with 2 great chances.
    Looks like a game with plenty chances be bloody clinical in front of goal.
    still to many touches from us in the box look up have a go stop fannying around and trying to walk the ball in the net.
  • A Simple Equation
    6 points is still a decent gap but we have to start protecting it now.
    We need back to back wins somewhere to ease the pressure.
    Brentford have went 3 wins on the bounce.
    stat wise it ends tomorrow their record of straight wins is 3 in 40 games.
    but things seems to be falling for them Wigan have went tits up and the players are now not getting paid how much of a fight will they give tomorrow?
    but this is not about them it's about us if we do our stuff nothing matters.
    It's not a must win tomorrow but if we fail to win the pressure is on us with 5 games to go.

    We all know it's going to go to the last game it's how Leeds United do things we do nothing the easy way.
    Then when you see Derby in the Playoffs it's deffo putting some sort of mental pressure in my mind i don't know about anyone elses.
  • Game 40: LEEDS UNITED V Luton Town
    Can someone explain to me what Bamford was thinking?
    Christ you should be breaking the net with chances like that Bamford didn't even connect.
    Costa's was even worse in the last minute or so.

  • Game 40: LEEDS UNITED V Luton Town
    That was dreadful finishing from us tonight.
    Bamford and Costa your headed chances were abysmal. Sunday league players could of done better.
    in games like that them chances are vital and you have to be clinical hang your heads lads as a school boy could of done better.
    Very hard to watch that i hate games like that when one team has no intention of wanting to attack.
    and typically they score from the only chance they had and it wasn't even a half chance just a great finish.
    We were back to normal huffing and puffing but we can never blow a house down.
    Some of our shooting is very powder puff stuff
    Our corners well we might as well just say can we have a throw in in what use they are to us.
    Luton got their point but what a poor game they were dreadful and to be honest we were not much better.
    2 Points dropped top v bottom
  • Game 40: LEEDS UNITED V Luton Town
    nothing changes 1 chance 1 goal
  • Game 40: LEEDS UNITED V Luton Town
    No spark in that half plenty of possession but Luton are just crowding the spaces and we can't find anyway through.
    We need something to go in off someone's arse or back me thinks to get us going.
    if we score we win simple as that.
    Only ball Luton have is to pump it to the right wing and cross which started ok but last 30 mins they are just parking a bus and waiting for a mistake.
    We have had about 1000 corners and not one of them have been dangerous.
  • Game 40: LEEDS UNITED V Luton Town
    Can't break them down we need some magic from somewhere.
  • Game 40: LEEDS UNITED V Luton Town
    Unchanged for tonight
    One change on the bench.
    Gotts for Stevens.
  • Points Needed for Automatic.
    Okay i will bring this back.

    As it stands what teams need to do to overhaul us.
    7 Games to Go
    21 Points available.

    WEST BROM - 3 Point Gap
    :Only need to turn around 1 game.
    :Currently need a win and us to lose to get level but go ahead of us on GD.

    BRENTFORD: 8 Point Gap.
    :Currently need to turn around 3 games.
    :They need 3 Wins and us to lose 3 Games to get ahead of us by 1 point.
    or they need to win 3 games and us to lose 2 games draw 1 to go level but go ahead on GD.

    FULHAM : 10 Point Gap
    ;Currently need to turn around 4 Games.
    :They need 4 Wins and us to lose 3 and Draw 1 to get ahead of us by 1 point
    or they need to win 4 games and us to lose 2 and draw 2 to go Level but also need to up their GD.

    FOREST: : 13 Point Gap
    :Currently need to turn around5 Games
    :They need to win 5 games and us to probably lose 5 or 6 from 7 to have any chance

    So as a automatic promotion point of view for us
    All eyes are now on Brentford who started the corona break well with 2 wins from 2 against top teams.
    but they still need to win 3 more more than us out of 7 games.
    Stat wise sooner or later Brentford will fall there highest win streak all season is 3.
    and now with games played twice a week bodies are not going to be fresh and injuries will creep in it's going to be that bit harder.
  • Game 39: LEEDS UNITED V Fulham
    Much better 2nd half from us.
    Pablo touch of magic too i hope he's ok when he got subbed grabbed the ice straight away.
    Thought our CBacks were brilliant today never gave Mitrovic a sniff and he really should of walked very early with that elbow on White.
    So close yet still so far but now only 21 points to play for now
    Massive 3 points bring on Luton on Tuesday.
  • Game 39: LEEDS UNITED V Fulham
    What a ball Pablo :love: 3-0