• Shammers
    Hello Everyone,
    I never want to go through another day like I did on Sunday. my god I had every emotion going on yesterday and it ended with me on my knees with a big gasp of air. I'm over the moon we pulled it off giving us another chance to put all the wrongs right next season.
    Awful season from start to finish it just seemed nothing went right but somehow we pulled through. Now it's history and we start all over again.
    Still unsure on Marsch but the bloke has to be given a chance with his own players and his own methods from scratch.
    we have to be brutally honest quite a few of this current squad are not good enough at this level and some have passed there sell by date.
    A small squad has cost our U23's there Premier League 2 status and it nearly cost us our Prem league status. so lessons have to be learned.
    It's hard to say but the championship winning bunch most are on the verge of goodbyes for me.
    The squad needs major surgery and quite a few have to go for me.
    Key players: we have to try our best to keep a hold of Meslier-Phillips-Raphinha-Bamford
    Squad players: who I personally would like to hold on to Cooper-Strujik-Ayling-Harrison-James
    Young Guns: Cresswell-Drameh-Bate-Gelhardt-Greenwood should all be given new contracts and either integrated into the team more or sent out on loan to learn more. All have ability and potential but only Gelhardt has shown he could make the grade to be a Prem player right now
    Goodbyes: Llorente,Koch,Firpo,Forshaw,Dallas,Klich,Shackleton,Roberts,Rodrigo
    Firpo-Koch-Forshaw-Shackelton-Roberts all not good enough at this level.
    Llorente-Dallas-Klich-Rodrigo all on the downgrade and have had poor seasons from either losing a few yards or just not fitting into the system as well as being injury prone. I think Dallas now is finished after his injury. We can't carry another Berardi
    We need 2 new Fullbacks a powerful CB who can head a ball Along with a new Central Midfield 2-3 with or without Phillips. A striker we have been lost without Bamford upfront.

    I'm over the moon we have stayed up but we have lot's of work to do for the new season.
    As this season has not panned out the way the club hoped. we have went backwards. it will be about survival again and starting again. Atleast we are still there fighting and the club have a chance to put all the wrong's of this season right.
    MOT!!!!!!!!!!! For another season in the promised land.
  • connaughtgreen
    As usual you are pretty well spot on with your thoughts
    I admit to being very angry at the Bielsa saga but bugger i was screaming at the TV recording of the game i even spotted the offside very unlucky not to et one there
    I also have to say i was very pleased with the ref i thought he was very fair deffo a red card too
    So now looking forwards to next season
    Oh my brother doesn't speak with me now sad really but he's a Narritch supported Hey hooo life goes on
  • mrbigstar
    Yeah glad that season is over, as tense, dramatic and as much a rollercoaster of a season as the last couple but for all the wrong reasons!! Really over the moon we managed a win and a fairly comfortable win on the day. With our game a draw and Burnley only one down it was tense, a Brentford or Burnley goal and it would have been the championship. With only 9 men on the pitch there were gaps opening up and the 2nd goal really did start to look likely.

    I have family in Brentford and they are season ticket holders, I was at the game but at the wrong end :lol: :lol: it was still a great atmos though but to be in the away end would have been amazing.

    I agree that Marsch needs to be given some time and some backing, I know MB felt the squad didnt need improving in Jan but it very nearly cost us by not investing. I also agree that a lot of our Champ winning squad are probably past their sell by date. I would like to keep your key players Shammers but think Phillips and Rapha will go. I agree with your squad players and young guns but feel Ayling isn't the player he was and I wouldn't shed a tear over Rodrigo and Firpo going through the door.

    We really did miss Bamford and need an additional quality striker. It will be interesting to see who Victor brings in and if he changes his recruiting strategy, it's very hit and miss and more often its miss. What is it, a good player in an under performing team or an under performing player in a good team??

    Yeah whatever happens I feel it will be a transition season and therefore probably a frustrating one for the most but we are still there, against the odds. Talking of odds I couldn't let Leeds to win 2-1 at 10/1 pass my by, double celebrations :smile:

    Heres to next season, we are still in the prem, lets hope its a good one. MOT.
  • Mugz
    Hi Shammers,

    I agree with a lot of your ins and outs but binning off Stuart Dallas is a bold shout. You might be right though as some players do lose a lot after a bad injury. I cant see it happening though, the board have taken enough stick from sacking Bielsa and selling Dallas would be a PR disaster I feel.

    I think Rapha will go, hopefully for big money, and I think Phillips leaves only if a big EPL team comes in for him. I don't see him leaving Leeds for anyone outside the current top 5 now that we are in EPL again. Tottenham could be one for him now that they have CL football and an injection of £150 million into the transfer kitty by the owners today.

    We definitely need another striker and I think with Rapha going we could go 442 as Gelhardt has shown he has massive potential playing as a 10. We should then see James played in his proper position with Harrison as the other winger. Phillips plus Aaronson (incoming) would be my other 2 in midfield.

    The defence needs sorting out, with coaching and personnel. We need a proper LB and a settled CB pairing. It would be interesting to see what Drameh has to offer at RB after getting Cardiffs player of the year award.

    I give Marsch a lot of credit for us staying up. The performance at Brentford was nervy at times and lacked structure but I think he had everyone believing we could win it and it happened. He inherited a bad situation, made worse by injures and red cards, but he kept everyone believing and ultimately delivered. He deserves the chance to put into place a proper plan for next season instead of fire fighting and dealing with a lot of negative chat about his appointment.

    I'm feeling positive for next season, this season was a narrowly avoided disaster but still we were competitive in all but 2 of the 26 games played against teams outside the top 6 (v Everton and Villa we deserved nothing and got nothing). Marsch gained 1.67 PPG v teams outside the top 6 which is pretty good considering the situation he inherited. Bielsa got 1.35 PPG v teams outside top 6 despite starting the season with almost all players available and knowing them inside out.

    We had some great years playing Bielsa ball, it was fun to watch, but it was always going to end at some point. At least now his legacy is preserved, he took us home, and we are here to stay.
  • Shammers
    Yes like you said lads. it will be tough to hold onto Phillips and Rapha but We really can't afford to lose both. there will be a good kitty though from one if he is sold this money has to go straight back into recruitment. I can't see Meslier or Bamford leaving both are happy here at the club and I only see a big offer changing that also Bammers owes us after this season.
    I do agree with your Ayling points but Id still be happy to have him around on the bench he still can do a job when needed but both 1st team fullbacks need replacing.
    We have a shedload of deadwood and players wanting to leave via wanting to play at a lower level especially the u23's we have dropped a division and a lot of these will want out now as many are at that age in wanting first team football somewhere.
    We also have a big group out on loan and none have shown they deserve to come back and get anywhere near our team. Caprile-Casilla-Costa-Poveda-Davis-Bogusz-MacCalmont-Edmondson-De Bock. only Cody Drameh done well but he looks like he wants out.
    There's probably round 20 players who need to be shifted out for whatever reasons.
    Shackleton-Roberts-Klich are certs to go with a few more as well as many u23's.
    It's the changing of the guard for me and the club have to be brutal and honest if we want to stay in this League.
    It's looking very likely Brenden Aaronson will be coming even as early as next week I also would love to go and raid Burnley for old boy Leftback Charlie Taylor I think he has had a great season and has shown he can hold his own in the Premier League and he won't break the bank.
    It's all down to Orta Radz,Marsch and the 49er's to make al the wrongs right.

    Was writing this as you posted Mugz I like Dallas he is very versatile but there were signs he was out his depth at times. he's not going to start the season and god knows when he will be back. also what player will that be when he comes back?. we can't rely on him it's going to be really tough for him coming back after this femoral fracture I sound quite harsh but we can't have another Berardi,Forshaw scenario.
  • connaughtgreen
    Another good read from you Johnny on the question of Bamford perhaps he can ask his Dad to throw us a few quid He's not a bad chap even if it is a few years since i chatted to him whilst contracted at his works
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