• Mugz
    Huge result, a win that restores a lot of positivity and balance as I think we all felt that we are better than the league position. Only 6pts behind our finishing position last season, and 8pts from the drop. A nice position to be in with a good run of fixtures coming up after the FA Cup match.
  • Shammers
    Happy new Year everyone !
    Massive 3 points which should get some confidence back in the camp.
    We have been crippled with injuries this season and to me we just haven't had a good go of it.
    We get one key player back then cruelly another seems to go out
    I honestly think we are doing well where we are with what we had out on the pitch.
    I hope the New Year brings us some joy on the injury front but sadly it doesn't seem the case.
    Llorente now misses the Hammers game next week with 5 yellows.
    We just have to keep our chins up as I don't see any big climbs in the table this season my hope to the end of the season now is just to keep away from them bottom 3 positions with a 9 point gap on Norwich and 8 on the Toon and Burnley its a decent cushion.
    3 wins just to catch us up doesn't seem a lot on the eye. but when two of the three have only won 1 games over an average of 18 games speaks volumes in itself.
    I have always said to my friends if teams like these find their way above us we only have ourselves to blame. our own results will be our destiny not hoping on others to continually lose. Do our job and the rest takes care of itself.
    I'm thinking around 33-35 points will keep you up this season.
    I personally think 9 wins will keep us up this season with our draw tally so far so 5 to go.
    I'm looking up rather than down !

    All the best everyone have a great 2022 :party:
  • Mugz
    Hi Shammers, good to see you.

  • Mugz
    We are doing well v teams outside the top 7 and if we keep performing exactly the same in those games as we have done, then we will get 38pts which will easily be good enough to stay up.
  • mrbigstar
    Happy New Year everyone. Deff feel a lot happier after the win against Burnley. An 8 point gap will take some overhauling. It can obviously be done but as you say Shammers there have not been a lot of wins for the bottom 3 teams in the first half of the season. MC are 10 points clear at the top and no one is saying they will be easily caught!!
    I guess we can do without the distraction and extra games the FA Cup brings. We wont win it so may as well bow out early :wink:
    Be good to get Bamford back in the starting lineup. I think the lack of goals shows we are lacking in quality in that department.
    I've not heard any transfer rumours as yet ???
    Concentrate on our own results, get the tactics right, we cant outscore and out possess everyone, and we will be ok. Yes looking upwards!!
    Happy New Year for 2022, lets hope it a better one all round.
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