• Mugz
    What a win :strong:

    Record v teams outside the top 5

    P7 W2 D4 L1.

  • Mugz
    West Ham (4th) are having a great season aren't they, amazing. They have played 1 of the top 8, and they lost that game :wink:

    Wolves (7th) are on a great run aren't they. They have won 5 of the last 6, but couldn't beat Leeds :wink:

    Brighton (8th are having a great season aren't they, drawing at Anfield. They couldnt beat Norwich away though :wink:

    Leeds only defeat against teams outside the top 5 was 0-1 at Southampton, but the Saints have drawn against 3 of the top 5 teams and Man City couldn't score against their defence :wink:
  • mrbigstar
    It wasn't the greatest performance against Norwich, the final ball (if there was one one) was pretty awful and if it was good there often wasnt anyone in the middle to meet it. But it was 3 welcome points, I'll take them.

    If the season continues with our current form do you think we will be in the transfer market in Jan? MB likes the small squad but I think we need more depth, even when all our injuries are sorted, it would be a shame to spend so long getting back to the PL then blow it through a lack of spending some cash???

    Any rumours circulating? I've not heard any as yet, a bit early I suppose, but the early bird catches the worm (or something like that!!)
  • Mugz
    I think we are missing Bamford hugely as a target man, our play in the final third is suffering from all the changes plus James isnt gelling with new players yet.

    Last season we were GF14 GA 17 after 10 matches, this season GF10 GA17, so the issue for me is that we havent being scoring 2 when we have only conceded 1. If we had done that twice eg v Newcastle, Burnley or Wolves, then we would be just about on par with last season.

    So I think January will either be no transfers in if Bamford is back and looking good, or we make a serious investment in a striker. I don't see the club investing in other areas just yet as some of the youngsters are showing a lot of promise and deserve a chance.
  • mrbigstar
    James has been disappointing so far. Even more so if the story that he was a make weight to enable Phillips to go the other way next season. Lets hope that doesn't happen, Surely Phillips couldn't play for them, but stranger things have happen in the past, noteably Smithy I guess.

    With or without Bamford back I don't see the purse strings being loosened to make any signings. If this is the case lets just hope they've got it right and this squad will see us safe at the end of the season. At least as you say, the youngsters do show promise.

    Big game away to Tottenham on Sunday, lets hope Kane returns to his dismal club form for this one after his England highs. Typical if he returns to form just in time to play us!!
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