• Shammers
    59 pts sure does look realistic at the moment.
    7th position is still possible but very unlikely.
    It looks like we won't fall beneath 10th after todays result.
    Villa lost at Palace today meaning they are 4pts behind with 2 to play.
    Spurs just started with Wolves. We won't catch Spurs if they win today.


    Spurs 3 Games: HOME Wolves - Villa AWAY Leicester
    Everton 3 Games: HOME Sheff Utd - Wolves / AWAY Man City
    Arsenal 2 Games: HOME Brighton / AWAY Palace
    Leeds 2 Games : HOME West Brom / AWAY Southampton
    Villa: 2 Games HOME Chelsea AWAY Spurs
  • Mugz
    Top 10 will do me for now although it would be good to finish above Everton who are so dull and unadventerous that they don't deserve to succeed.

    Looking to next season I don't see any huge improvements in the bottom half teams possible. Wolves have underperformed this season but even if they improve by 10pts it only gets them into the mid 50's. Villa seem to be happy with their lot and will probably finish mid table again. Newcastle could have more upside than most, they are finishing strongly, but even a 40% improvement gets them into a top 10 position. Palace will probably have a new manager, so that could spark a recruitment drive if they are ambitious. Burnley, Southampton and Brighton are teams that are just happy to be making up the numbers every year.

    The promoted teams Watford and whoever wins the play offs will struggle big time, while Norwich are in better shape defensively than they were 2 seasons ago and could make a fight of it, but nowhere near top 10 material.

    So of the current top 10, Spurs will be weakened by Kane leaving, Bale probably going back to Madrid, and unable to attract a top manager might stick with Mason to try and develop the youngsters. They could be writing off next season as a transition already. The Everton project is not working, they are a solid team, very dull to watch and not top 6 material. West Ham have overperformed and blown their chance of CL glory. With Europa League football next season to occupy them they will struggle to reach these heights again. Arsenal are a mystery, a good pool of players not performing to their potential, but probably only a couple of top signings away from challenging top 6 or even top 4 at a stretch. Leicester if they get CL football will struggle next season. They went from 1st to 12th the last time they played in CL and I can see them slipping back into about 7th/8th next season.

    That leaves Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, and Chelsea as a clear big 4. Whoever sins Kane wins the title.

    So Leeds United have an opportunity not just to consolidate but to kick on and push for top 6 status. We are one club who have everything going in the right direction, off the field and on the field. We need to add another 6 goals and concede 10 less and we will be pushing top 6. Current form is at the required level, if not a bit better and it will be interesting to see what the owners do this Summer. The original plan was for a few season of consolidation, but there does seem to be a big opportunity next season to be a bit more ambitious.
  • Shammers

    Hear everything you say Mugz and while 7th looks quite difficult.
    but with only 2 games to go we still mathematically in with a shout.
    I'd love us to go into the last game still having a squeak.
    Winning tonight puts us 8th. 3pts behind West Ham who we have to overhaul a -6 goal difference but if they are to lose 2 games which we need them to do that GD has to drop at least -2 making the gap at least -4
    Massive massive ask indeed especially as we need other teams to fail as well but while there's a squeak there's always hope.
    If we were to win our last 2 games this is what the others need to stay ahead.

    If we win tonight and West Brom beat West Ham Wednesday night we will go into the last game still with hope of 7th.
    We still got to believe.

    • West Ham HOME Southampton / AWAY West Brom need 1pt from 6pts
      Everton: HOME Wolves / AWAY Man City need 4pts from 6pts
      Arsenal: HOME Brighton / AWAY Palace need 4pts from 6Pts
      Leeds : HOME West Brom / AWAY Southampton We need 6-6
      Villa: HOME Chelsea / AWAY Spurs
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