• Shammers
    Personal Super 7 (keeping it going till 40 Pts even though I think we are safe)
    These are my season cup finals.
    Started January 1st with 23Pts
    Super 7 Points Available 21Pts which alone would keep us up.(Rest are Free Hits)
    Super 7 Points Currently 6pts From 6pts

    3 Home: Palace(Won) - Sheff Utd - West Brom
    4 Away: Newcastle (Won) -Brighton- Burnley - Fulham.

    Personal Pts Needed 40Pts.
    Currently 32Pts
    Needed: 08 Pts

    To be honest I thought Wolves would be doing alot better this season.
    They are doing probably as good as us but you expected more.
    won 2 of their last 5 against 10 man Arsenal and last game when they beat Southampton 2-1

    Team News - Leeds United

    Team News - Wolves

    Having Phillips out is massive for us. (Condolences to Kalvin and his family in the loss of his Grandma Val).
    Not having him in the side has a knock on effect. so many players are moved around and it disrupts us . Llorente is back but I doubt he will be risked and probably be slowly introduced.
    So Im thinking the same side as Arsenal.
    Some reason I'm just not fancying us Tomorrow.
    Play like we did first half at Arsenal we will be beaten for sure. We need a bounce back game but I feel the squad and positioning is getting pulled all over like a ragdoll at the moment with injuries and it's beginning to kick in. Hope Im wrong.
    Touch wood over the next month we will see Llorente,Koch,Phillips,Rodrigo all back.
    Berardi and Forshaw both on the comeback trail too. Im hearing Berardi might get a last hooray at the end of the season with some minutes as on Forshaw I think his time is up here.

    Gluck Lads go get them!!!!!!!! MOT!
  • Shammers
    I've got no buzz tonight at all. Needs some Leeds goals to gee me up.
    Come on lads keep up our run of not letting any team doing the double over us.
  • Mugz
    No idea what to expect here. Could be a bad time to play Wolves, they are coming off some confidence boosting results. They traditionally keep it tight and don't often score more than 1, so we should be in the game for longer than we were on Sunday !
  • Mugz
    We look lively tonight. First goal going to be crucial, we wont lose if we get it.
  • Shammers
    Wolves are playing like the away team.
    every time we get the ball they go to a back 5.
    Going forward they are trying to catch us out with us pushing on.
    Lots of long shots from Wolves but to be fair an even half and 0-0 is fair.
    We have looked dangerous at times but its hard work when Wolves have so many behind the ball.
    I guess that's how they beat us at Elland Road why change.
    Netto looks class and looks their main danger man similar to ours in Raphinha.
    we look so much better with Strujik and Ayling in their positions.
    Thought Roberts started well but has died off
    complete opposite to Shacks who started slow but got better as the game went on.
    Thought Wolves had alot of the rub of the green that half from deflections to ball run but we still very much in this.
    Need a goal off someone's arse tonight.
  • Shammers
    Not sure who favoured the wind that half as it was blowy.
    Im sure Wolves had it at their backs As you watched it on the tellybox it looked like a north easterly direction. So if anything we should get a little blow on our backs 2nd half.
  • Shammers
    When your lucks not in your lucks not in.
    its just had the the feeling of one of them and boom so close to scoring then one goes in off the back of our keeper.
    I said arse but thats how the deadlock was going to be opened in this game.
  • Shammers
    how we not scored on a free kick so many chances.
  • Shammers
    great finish from Bammers but offside defo not our night.
  • Shammers
    Not impressed with Wolves at all.
    Scored the goal and then done all the tricks in the book to hang on. time wasting - fake injuries.
    Disappointing result just one of them nights where nothing was going for us and everything for them.
  • Mugz
    Very frustrating, no luck at all tonight. I though we were just starting to boss the game when they scored on the break. Yes, all our best chances fell to players who rarely score, and the one that was finished was a whisker from being onside. A lot better than Arsenal, but thats 5/5 lost when Phillips is missing.
  • The Gambler
    Deserved at least a draw tonight .....Cooper could have had hat- trick tbf and the offside rule, as it currently is, needs changing to favour the striker as no advantage was gained in that instance or many others so far this season for a lot of players!! Roberts is just not good enough in my honest opinion and needs to go along with Costa at the end of the season!

    Onwards and Upwards and bring on the out of form Southampton!! MOT
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