• Shammers
    Back to Elland Road in a game we need to start tightening up.
    Our style of play doesn't help our situation but we can't keep going into games wanting 4-5 goals to win a match.
    Arsenal are the visitors and are going to be a tough nut to crack even though they themselves aren't in the greatest form.
    I think in our last game Palace the score was a bit harsh and it was deffo closer.
    Arsenal got trounced 3-0 on their own patch by Villa.
    Rumours are Raphinha could make his full debut and its nice to see Rodrigo and Phillips back we have missed them both.
    Honestly can see all 3 start.

    Team News - Leeds United
    Rodrigo will return after his isolation.
    Phillips is also back
    Llorente has suffered a small set-back in his recovery and is still out
    Pablo has picked up an injury during the international break and is also ruled out. (I really hope it is an injury as I'd hate to see Pablo ending his career with us on a sour note.)
    Forshaw has still not been found after going missing at Thorpe Arch last season.
    One day he may return

    Team News - Arsenal
    Elneny and Kolasinac are out with covid.
    Partey - Martinelli - MarĂ­ - Chambers are all out injured.
    Tierney and Willian will have late fitness tests.

    Every Premier League game is a tough one but I'd rather be entertaining the likes of Arsenal than entertaining the likes of Luton,QPR etc.
    Can we win this game? of course we can. We have nothing to fear but we have to stop the silly mistakes because you get punished in this league.
    It should be a good footballing game as Arsenal like to pass it around too.
    I want a win but I'd be happy with a point we just got to get out of this rut and start picking up points again.
    Gluck Lads go get em/!!!!!!!! MOT!
  • Mugz
    I think for the sake of confidence and belief we could do with getting at least a point from the game. Very difficult to predict how any EPL game is going to go at the moment but Arsenal should be strong favs. They have won 4/5 v teams outside the top 7 and the only defeat was at Man City. If we can start better than v Leicester I think we will be competitive right to the end. There has only been 1 draw in the 16 games these teams have played to date, and they wont be coming for a point and we dont play for draws. Could be a fun afternoon.
  • Mugz
    Just seen the team and the subs. We definitely aint looking for a point !

  • Mugz
    An excellent 1st half from Leeds. We need to be winning games when playing this well.
  • Shammers
    from about 15 mins we took hold of the game down the left we are overloading and pulling Arsenal apart. We had really good chances to score in that half. Bamford,Klich,Ayling all had great chances.
    We really should be ahead.
  • Mugz
    9/10 for 1st half, struggling to give above a 4 for the 2nd half.
  • Mugz
    Picked it up a bit late on, but looks like a frustrating 0-0.
  • Mugz
    I would have had my morgage on this not finishing 0-0.
  • Mugz
    Well, I think its safe to say we can hold our own in EPL. Nowhere near the finished article, but heading the right way.
  • Shammers
    How we didn't wiin that i don't know.
    We have to be clinical in situations like that any other Prem team would of put Arsenal to the sword after that red.
    But again it comes down to we can't open teams when they sit back we couldn't in the championship and we still finding it tough.
    Klich on his play was brilliant but his shooting today was not good enough he has to hit the target from them positions. Bamford header was really unlucky did everything well just the post got in the way and Rafa had a sneek at the end but it wasn't an easy chance.
    Should have 3 points in the bag.
    People will say we only dominated because Arsenal went down to 10 men but we bossed them with 11.
    Thing that worries me is even though Arsenal were not in that 2nd half every chance they did create was very dangerous.
    Overall we were really good today just missing some finishing.
  • Mugz
    We were much better v 11 than we were against 10. I dont want to over analyze that game because we did everything right bar score, and there wasnt much wrong with all the efforts that hit the woodwork. We just need to keep to that level and we will be ok.
  • Shammers
    I think we are starting to take shape. I love Dallas but Alioski is my preferred player for LB. I think he links up so much better with Harrison. Both are fit lads but Alioski never stops.
    Raphinha keeps RW for me. he's a better passer than Costa. He also defends better I also feel Costa doesn't put his foot in when the going gets tough. Always shirks a tackle.
    But to be fair happy with the 4 wide men and all have decent attributes.
    Llorente needs to be seen now and he probably will oust Cooper in time.
    DM is Phillips all day and klich will always be in my team. Rodrigo will soon fill the hole on a regular basis.
    Bamford has surprised me but he's one of them players fans love to hate. similar to cooper when things go wrong they are the ones who take the full blunt of it.
    Dallas and Alioski will rotate alot when all fit.
    Player going the other way I feel a
    Is Roberts think he will stay around for now but he won't get game time unless we have a few injuries. Also think Pablo will not start many games this season just hasn't got that pace anymore but he will be a top impact sub when the game slows only thing is will he want that by the looks of things no.
  • PhoenixUnited
    As a point of reference we are the Freshies in the Premiership. Haven't been here in an overlong time. Hardly any of the players have premier league experience in our entire squad. Some people seem to forget that and are peeved that we didn't run over a seasoned and expensively put together team.

    Yes it was disappointing not to have collected all three points. On another day we might do just that. Equally, on another day we might get sucker punched and get nothing at all.

    It's all very frustrating but now that I have taken a breather I think it's a point well earned. There are teams below us not playing well and can't buy a point. We on the other hand are more than holding our own. Arsenal will certainly know they have had a game today. Same again against Everton will do me fine.

    I picked Meslier as my MoM. He will make mistakes but this is the kind of keeper you need where he's had practically nothing to do but pulls a rabbit out of the hat when he needed to. Alioski, Harrison, Ayling, Kochand even Klich surprisingly noticeably didn't pass the ball very well in this match. Raphina looked good on patches and looks like there's a lot more to come. Bamford played well too
  • connaughtgreen
    Finishing and rub o the green it should have been a 5 - plus any they would have scored a win for us Sadthe highlight was the stupid headbutt from Pepe on Alioski my take on this is if the player throws his head towards another it's a red.
    Quite remarkable how Troy Deeney yes watch me throw myself down in the area no problem has the guile to criticise the Leeds player Even better Patrice Evra thinks Alioski should have been given an oscar Al of a sudden he's an expert I also think the comments made on match of the day 2 by the errmm yes experts were very close to saying the same as Evra The colored chap was shown in a head butt situation 5 years previous and said he never went down and nothing happened before the VAR of course BUT when he got in the tunnel whatever action he took got him a 1 match ban
    Football is full of cheats and divers screaming as soon as they hit the deck hold faces when there was absolutely no chance of him being hit in the face and the cry i hear from supporters is Well they all do it.
    My thoughts are that regardless if there were contact or not the Ref will penalise the offending player and that's Because they all do it The VAR i feel is not being used in the right areas to cut out the cheating but then it never will cut it out will it,
    Glad i love my Rugby more than football and glad i can record ALL sport today so i can skip all of the garbage on there
  • Shammers
    A day to refresh yesterdays game.
    In hindsight I have to agree with all the posters above.
    We have just played Arsenal and basically played them off the pitch when we are newbies to this League with Players who have never been here before.
    Arsenal are a solid top 6 Premiership team who virtually guarantee European Football every season with a squad value of 569M. yesterday we made them look very ordinary.
    If we are disappointed at not beating Arsenal it deffo shows how far we have come because they are a top club. Thinking back now I'd rather be upset at not beating Arsenal than struggling to beat Wigan.
    Who would of thought this a few seasons back playing Man City and giving them as good as they gave. smashing the bar and post numerous times and pinning Arsenal so far back into an onslaught.
    2 points against 2 of the biggest clubs in the Prem and neither point being unjustified infact it could/well of been more.
    As of the Alioski/Pepe incident. Alioski has nothing to be ashamed of in my eyes.
    Pepe butted him simple as that no matter how hard/soft it was you go down.
    No point in being honest as any other player would of done the same.
    If you don't headbutt Alioski has no reason to go down. red all day, no matter what the reaction sometimes when your to honest things get missed. If its good for all the other teams its good for us and until something gets done about it it will continue for every club and Player.
    You see Grealish go down with the slightest of touches and even going down untouched and this is every game! but nothing gets done about it at all. No matter how good he is. he's one of the most unsporting footballers in the Premiership.
    He aint the only one either the Premiership is littered with cheats and unsporting behaviour.

    I was well gutted we didn't win yesterday but then I thought about what we done and who we done it too. if we are disappointed in not beating Arsenal we are deffo going in the right direction because it's something we never saw a few year ago.
  • connaughtgreen
    Yes i fully agree with what you say As for Grealish you are spot on Saxa is another one Don't get me started with Eddie Nketiah now i know why the boss hardly ever played him
  • PhoenixUnited
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. In relation to Alioski I think his play acting was embarrassing. Just because everyone is doing it (take a look at Harry Kane, England Captain and how easily and often he hits the deck) does not make it right or even OK. To do that in a Leeds Shirt is not something I think is acceptable.
  • Shammers
    Its not acceptable.but,if everyone is doing it why shouldn't we? A honest decision could cost us staying in this division at the end of the season.
    I hate cheating and foul play there is so much technology out there these days it all gets passed by. Grealish would be sent off nearly every game if his performance got analised after each game.
    Surely the higher people in football see all this cheating but they don't call it cheating they call it clever play. Some commentators even laugh about.
    some of the play acting why aren't these things ever looked back into? Why has players like grealish not been told to stop bloody cheating fellow professionals in football games. If a punch or racial abuse was missed in a game all this gets looked back into and fines and suspensions are issued. where's the government body gone in the stance of simulation and unsporting behaviour ? Is this not important as much as a punch or racism ?
    Obviously not so players keep doing it. Coaches still keep teaching it. dive whith any contact in box. Scream like a child in any late challenge and have a couple of rolls.
    If your injured you won't roll you stay putt.
    if a player is hurt the last thing he will want to do is roll around like a man possessed, he would be motionless. 9 times out of 10 you know a real injured player from a play acter.
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