• Shammers
    Up to London we go a place we always seen to get bad results for some reason.
    But I aint having any of that old tosh it's all on the day not the area.
    This is where it gets real to me these are the teams we have to compete with to stay in this division.
    Palace are always in and out. They will be wanting to finish the season between 10th-17th.
    Something very similar to what our expectations are.
    So this is an important match for us.
    But i always worry with teams with pace upfront Zaha is one of my fav footballers i think he has amazing talent he's skillfull , Fast something we always have trouble against.
    not only that there is Townsend on the other side who is another handful.
    You look through the Palace side and there is plenty of talent. but, they always finish in the lower region of this league that's how tough this premiership really is.

    Team News - Leeds United
    We will be without Rodrigo until after the international break after he tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of last month.
    Llorente and Phillips remain sidelined, but Raphinha could be involved.

    Team News - Crystal Palace
    Defensive trio Ward,Mitchell,Tomkins are ruled out for the Eagles.
    Milivojevic failed with his Red card appeal. He misses out here.
    Ayew is back after a spell out with COVID-19, as is new goalkeeper Butland.

    Nothing is easy in the Premiership. but, these are the places we have to come away with points in. these are our bread and butter games. the 6 pointers.
    It's one of them games where both sides have the talent to unlock each other upfront with both having mistakes in them at the back to concede.
    I never fancy us when i see a player like Zaha. he's like Vardy he can kill you on his own.
    That's why our big players have to come to the party we need Harrison and Costa upping it tomorrow.
    back 4 to be solid as much as they can.
    Again for me its a game where i feel the first goal is crucial.
    when one of us has to start chasing a game. gaps will open and with so much pace and quality counter attacking players on show it's suicide football.
    Hopefully we score first and can bring home them 3 points.
    but honestly id take a point. A point away from home is a good point no matter where it is, if it's for survival and staying in this Division porpoises.
    Gluck Lads go get em/!!!!!!!! MOT!
  • Shammers
    Pablo doesn't make the team for whatever reason injured or disciplined
    Happy to see Alioski and Harrison partner up again down the left I think they work really well together.
    Looks like we are going 2 in the middle with Dallas and Klich and Struijk as DM.
    Eze starts for the Eagles so add him to Zaha and Townsend they have a very quick and skillfull frontline.

  • Shammers
    Here we go.
    c'mon Lads let's be on our game!
  • Shammers
    not a great start 1-0 down Palace are opening us up at ease at times especially down their left side.
    Koch has to be stronger in that corner against Dann.
  • Shammers
    Nice neat finish lad.
  • Shammers
    was 1-1 back to 1-0. Var completely fucks up again what a waste of technology.
  • Shammers
    2-0 suckered its going to be one of those days.
    I'm stopping now with updates.
  • Shammers
    If thats offside especially after been viewed I'm giving up watching football.

  • Shammers
    bang 2-1 this is going to be 36-37
  • Shammers
    ah when your luck not in your luck not in 3-1 a cruel own goal.
    Thing is we are the better side Palace getting all the breaks
    we are getting bullied down our right and its costing us.
  • Shammers
    That half is one of the most frustrating halfs of football I've watched.
    Nothing has went our way.
    A game with nothing between the sides we probably had the better of halfs yet sit 3-1 down with Palace getting all the breaks.
    We had a goal apparently disallowed for Bamford's left Shoulder lol.
    Then we cruelly get sucker punched with a own goal.
    The lads will be really low in there.
    no way Palace are 2 goal better side from that 45 mins of football.
    Sadly now we have to chase and with Zaha, Eze and Townsend about we could be in for another cricket score.
    Football can be so cruel.
    7 goals conceded in 3 halfs of football is not good enough though we can't go into each game hoping to score 4-5 goals to win a game of football.
  • Shammers
    As expected we start to take greater risks and counter attacked and 4-1.
    We were just starting to get a bit solid pressure then one risk to many.
    Sad to see as the game does not reflect the score line.
    Can't watch anymore as they could quite easily carve us open now.
  • PhoenixUnited
    That was a disappointing match and an equally disappointing result. In the cold light of day Palace deserved the points but the score line flattered them a bit IMHO.

    It might be easy to get depressed about this game and the last one but I would point out that it might be worthwhile to just have a look at November 2019 and think about where we were and how things were going ..........

    The issue for me is that Roy Hodgson is the second manager to say out loud something that is obvious to all interested parties and that is that because of how we play and attack there will be space behind us for the opposition to do their stuff and go at the depleted resources left behind. Palace are the second team to do that in quick succession and won't be the last.

    It remains great to be in the Premier league :smile:

    Keep the Faith
  • connaughtgreen
    the VAR was a joke absolutely pathetic if the ball touches your arm it's A. a penalty or B no goal a free-kick bloody sucks no way can you score a goal with any of your hand or arm well unless you are Henry or Maradona
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