• Shammers
    A game I've been looking forward too.
    Hate Villa but more there fans. I know from 8pm I will be shouting at my tv screen telling Grealish to get up off the floor. Thing is he's a talented guy but all this falling over stuff really makes him look stupid but i guess nothing gets done about it so why should he stop.
    Onto Villa as a team To be fair they have started well but they still won't finish top 10.
    They will play as a 4-3-3 and will be full of confidence after 4 wins from 4.

    Team News.
    We will be missing Lllorente , Phillips , Forshaw. Will Cooper make it? guess we going to have to wait and see. If he does he will take Struijk place at CB and Struijk will take Phillips DM role.
    If Coops misses out I see Ayling going CB. RB then would be vacant for someone to come in.
    They do have injuries but nothing that will change their current team that's started this season.

    I fancy us tonight. I just think they will play into our hands. full of confidence they will not be afraid to take risks hopefully going forward. Leaving us to play our best football which is counter attacking.
    If Cooper doesn't make it i would worry a bit defensively just with the amount of changing around but on a whole i think we will go there and bring home 3 points.
    Grealish obviously needs to be watched but not just for his good play but his constant cheating.
  • Mugz
    Should be a shoot out, Villa will fancy it after scoring 7 in their last home game and if we play like we did in the 1st half v Wolves we will surely bag 2 at least.
  • Shammers
    Would of liked Cooper to start but it is what it is.
    Good Luck Lads.
  • Shammers
    How long does Grealish get away with cheating?
    Great footballer but a blatant cheat that dive in the box for the pen appeal he should of been booked after var it's blatant cheating what gets done absolute nothing he just laughs after the verdict its a joke.

    Thought we started really well and should be ahead Bamford should of scored at least 1 goal that half yet has failed to even hit the target.
    As i thought the counter attacking we are getting plenty of space Jack Harrison has been outstanding and his assists deserve a goal.
    Another good game lets hope we get the right result tonight.
  • Mugz
    Astonishing result. What a bizarre season this is turning out to be.

    My top 4 at the end of the season.

    1. Tottenham
    2. Wolves
    3. Everton
    4. Leeds
  • Mugz
    Phillips was obviously holding us back.
  • Shammers
    That's my team right there :razz: I knew we would smash these tonight they were to full of confidence and i knew they would be on the front foot and we proper raped them on both sides of the pitch but
    Jack Harrison has just sent Matty Cash back to the Championship absolutely ripped him to pieces he's going to have nightmares for many of weeks with seeing Jack tearing him a new one.
    Lord Bamford came out the 2nd half absolute quality goals.
    Ayling and Koch at the back keep em together lol
    Alioski amazing Shackers amazing whole team amazing tonight.
    Just one of them halfs were everything just clicked.
    We were sublime to watch at times
    I love you LEEDS UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mugz
    I think whats evident now after 6 tough games is that we are going to go into any match with confidence against any team at any ground . We have played 4 of the top 9 from last season and a stuffed a team with a 100% record who had beaten 2 of last seasons top 5.

    The energy levels we are showing are incredible. Its going to be frightening when they get a full week to prepare.
  • mrbigstar
    I didn’t see the game. I followed it on sky sports. Can’t wait to see the highlights. Amazing result and so pleased for Bamford. I have to admit I was a critic and doubter. But atm he’s showing he’s got what it takes. Could be our best non signing of the season!! Mot.
  • Mugz
    There is always pressure playing for Leeds but this is 1 season where there is hardly any. The lack of crowds contributes hugely to that and there is no expectation other than staying up. We seem to be thriving on having a lot of freedom to go out and play and see how good we are. Bamford benefiting the most it seems as he was probably the most criticized player in the last 2 seasons.
  • mrbigstar
    Agreed and I’m in there too with the criticism but just seen the highlights and his goals tonight were quality finishes. If he can keep scoring quality goals like these then happy days. On the other side, time to step up mr Rodrigo? Fantastic result tonight. KTF. MOT.
  • PhoenixUnited
    A fantastic result and an excellent performance. Thoroughly deserved too in the end but Villa could have taken the lead on at least 3 occasions that I can remember so the 0 - 3 was perhaps a touch flattering.

    MoM for me was Patcick Bamford although he looked a bit like he did last season in the first half but hells bells the guy is resilient! There were other excellent performances, as there were against Wolves from Koch, Meslier, Ayling and Dallas. I was impressed with what Shackleton brought to the team on his Premiership debut. He did not look out of place. There were better performances from Harrison, Klich and Rodrigo started to show up too. The subs all showed what they can do when they came on

    I felt a bit sorry for Pascal Struijk. He got the hook having collected a Yellow card after Jack Grealish conned the referee - it was a coming together between two players and a bit of a tumble but Grealish went down like he'd been shot and had his leg broken in two! :rage: Struijk will be better for the experience but Marcelo Bielsa had no problem making a very astute and tough call.

    The only fly in the ointment for me was Helder Costa. Look at the two wings and we have Jack Harrison on the one side - on it and at it throughout the match and tearing Matty Cash to ribbons. On the other side we have Costa. Ineffective and powder puff. MB will undoubtedly remain loyal but I think Costa's place in the team should be at risk. Rafinha showed some lovely touches when he came on and Pablo Hernandez looked as sharp as a tack

    End of the day, it is just 3 points but the other teams will have noticed and will have a few concerns about facing us :blush: Just need 30 more points and I'll be made up! :wink:

    Keep the Faith
  • PhoenixUnited

    You know you can legally stream these matches for free?
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