• mrbigstar
    Don't get me wrong. I'm not disappointed with the way we've started the season or the position we are in in the league. Far from it, we have played some fantastic football, made a lot of people sit up and take notice of our attacking, high press, possession style of football and for the first time ever that I can remember people actually like Leeds instead of hating us, even Gary Neville. Never been known!!

    However I was just a little disappointed with lasts nights display. I felt it was an opportunity missed as Wolves hadn't started the season brilliantly and a result for us was on the cards. We played well in the first half but it was a bit of a throwback to last season with poor finishing, final balls in the box and not converting chances letting us down. We all know Wolves are 2nd half team and would come at us strongly. The goal was a freak, there's no denying it, we were unlucky to concede in such an unfortunate way but if we could have tucked away a chance or 2 in the first half it might have been a different story. Sitting in 3rd instead of 10th would certainly have made a few more people sit up and take notice. We have 2 really tough games up next, a point from each would not be bad, I'd be delighted with 4 points from both but even with a point from each we could find ourselves down in 14th or 15th place and maybe a few doubts might set in!! I for one don't want to see a wobble. I know it's early days.

    Like I say don't get me wrong I'm not panicking or being negative or having a go at the team, they have performed above all expectations this season and I am really proud of what they have achieved in such a short space of time. I love the way the pundits are drooling over our players, the style of play, the energy and levels of fitness that we have. Just saying I think we missed a trick last night by letting that result slip away from us and I was just a little disappointed.

    Here's hoping for the next 2 games, they'll be tough but if we play as we know we can anything is possible and they should be real crackers!! MOT.
  • Shammers
    Totally hear you mate. Good Post.

    Also Some Fan's expectations are really worrying.(Not meaning you at any part in this post)
    My objective this season is still to finish 17th.
    of course i want higher but i don't get blinkered like alot of people on twitter who are saying we are going to finish top 6. These are the fans who will moan when we get in bad runs I call them glory seeking fans.
    if we do find ourselves in 14th 15th in the future Then as you say doubts may creep in that's when we have to get behind them and give them confidence.

    A lot of people have taken this good start as if we are going to walk the Division to safety.
    we really aren't in any position to be confident of them statements.
    We are newbies here so many good teams and so many possible threats from Injuries to bad runs.
    Look at our CB's now that's 3 out after 5 games. add Bera make it 4.

    People are liking us not because of who we are. but, because of the way we play, it's refreshing for them to see teams having a go at the likes of City and Liverpool instead of sitting back with a bus load of defenders trying to snatch a point.
    End of the day I personally don't care what others think of us because a few bad results and the same people will be attacking us and after loving our style will pull it apart saying it's not working.

    As of Wolves I fancied a result last night then you realise what a great squad they have.
    They were holding their own in Europe last season and are a cert top 10 Premiership club now and in the future.
    Nearly every team in the Premiership have massive talent look where we sit on current transfer value.


    Yes end of the day they are only stats but there still is a massive gulf between us and many Premiership teams.

    I agree with your point of "it was like last season" in the 1st half but that was with Wolves being really respectful to us.
    They set out that 1st half like a Championship club of last season and lets be honest these are a fair few notches better than any Championship club. We struggled to break them down and find that final ball.
    We are going to get plenty of teams doing the same thing not everyone is going to flinging holy war at us like City,Liverpool. But end of the day we competed with a solid top tier Club.
    That's why i believe we will be a better away team this season because at home you generally have to be on the front foot which suits our game.

    We are going to Smash Villa next up. They are full of confidence and will be thinking we have won every game and we hit 7 against Liverpool last home game we will do the same to you.
    Go grab that 2/1 on offer perfect counter attacking material at the right time.
  • Mugz
    Teams will eventually find their level and you would have to be a very one eyed Leeds fan to think we are 3rd best team in EPL. Wolves should finish above us, their progression is ahead of ours. I was very surprised by their West Ham defeat, but then West Ham have scored 6 past Leicester and Tottenham, so maybe its not such a shock.

    International breaks this early in the season are not good for us, we have too many new players to try and mould into our system so it was really encouraging to see how well we started last night against a very good team. We didnt get any breaks in the area but Wolves did defend well. I think we will play worse than that and win games this season.
  • Shammers

    Yes these international games are killers. I understand they have to fit everthing in due to covid but its a massive ask for some.
    Lost two very important players over it.
    Then when they are going to be fit again another international batch of games turn up in November. it's hard for players to refuse international duty but I really hope the club and Llorente do the right thing and make him unavailable and recover fully.
    Cooper always gets knocks and was probably the worst thing for us getting called up for Scotland but when your cover is injured also the club have to think of their own interests end of the day we pay them to play for us.
  • mrbigstar
    I agree. I am hoping there are 3 teams below us at the end of the season. That would be classed as successful. Goal or mission accomplished! I think it's worth around an extra £90M+ if a club can stay up for the first season and hopefully we finish somewhere above 18th and can consolidate from there on. It would just have been nice (and I thought possible) to sit in 3rd for a few days :smile: At the end of the day we did pretty well against Portugal :smile:
  • PhoenixUnited
    The Wolves game was something of a reality check seeing as there were some who were getting fanciful ideas of this happening and that happening so that we'd be third or even top of the league! :meh:
    I enjoyed the game and there were periods in the first half especially when some of the passing and movement was terrific.

    However, in the cold light of day when you think about it you realise that their keeper had nothing to do (that I can remember) and ours had to have a very good match which he did. Also in the final third of the pitch things went awry. Passes were just too long, too short, too high etc., etc. A bit like last season only this season Premiership teams are more likely to score. There was much to appreciate in our performance. Koch is looking better and better with each passing match. Meslier looked good to as did Ayling and Dallas. The others did OK too but there were two players which looked ordinary and really need to start performing; Costa and Rodrigo. Costa has excellent skills but his performance was once again powder puff and ineffective. He was again bullied out of the game as he does not like to mix it with defenders. As for Rodrigo, there might be an excuse that it is still early days for him but he needs to show us he is a £27m footballer sooner rather than later. He ran around a bit in the Wolves match but actually produced or delivered very little.

    I suspect more of the same against Villa - a tight game and just the odd goal in it. Looking forward to it

    Keep the Faith. MOT
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