• Knottingley White
    Seems the 49'ers want to throw some more money our way.
    I'm sure Radz will hold all the bargaining cards now though.
  • Shammers

    We were in the red last season so we had Bills to pay from this. as well as running costs they all tot up mate especially with no crowd income through Covid.
    Not only that these new players all need wages. no Doubt theses wages will all be at the top of the tree. Nobody has left the club on a paid transfer so no income from that so all wages will still have to be paid some probably even got wage hikes for going up.
    Then we have brought in numerous Young players for the U21 side a few million was spent on that. It all adds up.
    As for the 49's word is they do want to up their share of 10% of the club. Razz does want investment so i guess time will tell if he lets the 49's come more involved. but i guess there is plenty of interest now we are at Premiership status.
  • connaughtgreen
    I can see what you mean Johnny I'm not into all the stuff you do but as long as its cash well spent then that's ok Yes being in the prem does have its pluses
  • Shammers
    Bazza Douglas having a medical at Blackburn Rovers for a season long loan
    Robbie Gotts going to Lincoln again season loan

    As on ins I very much doubt we will do any business.
    Still rumours of Todd Cantwell but I'd be very surprised we can cough up the 25m wanted.
    The one that probably still has legs is Louie Sibley from Derby County. but, again the stumbling block is the fee. Derby are rumoured to be wanting 10m which is a bit steep on what he has done. but they might be playing a high valuation game if he does go I expect 5 to 6 m as they are needing cash.
    One to watch but I honestly think we are done.
  • Mugz
    I dont think we saw the best of Barry Douglas or maybe he didn't have the game to fit into Bielsas style. He did play enough games though to say he was part of what we achieved in The Championship and he will be a good acquisition for a team who have promotion ambitions.
  • Mugz
    What a nice stat to take with you.

  • Shammers
    Best of Luck Bazza.
    Liked him he just didn't seem to hold that LB spot.
    Not the quickest player but always gave 100%.
    Think its best for both parties We couldn't give him game time and he wants to play I'm sure if he stays healthy he will pick up plenty of appearances for Blackburn and even though he's playing for a different team now I still want to see that Left Foot banging them freekicks in again as Orta touched on with his open letter.
    Very nice touch from Victor wih the letter. how things have changed behind the scenes and very happy we are now running a very respectable Football club with the correct people.
  • Shammers
    G Berardi signs a new 1 year deal this is quality from the club. The guy put his neck on the line at the end of last season knowing he was out of contract when we were struggling with injuries at the back after the return from covid. Alot of other players around the country throwed in the towel and protected their careers and future moves by refusing to play. Not Bera he actually was that committed to the cause he got himself a bad Injury in doing so.
    The club have paid that loyalty with a 1 year contract what a club :clap: :clap: :ok:

    Take a good look Arsenal who recently paid off their mascot of many a year who helped the kids in the ground gave them gifts and photos and joy. Only to go on and pay massive wages in transfers and feed agents massive add ons.
  • PhoenixUnited
    Paying for something is one thing - a capital outlay if you like but then you also rack up revenue costs like wages and the like so that you have to fund that on an ongoing basis. All these incoming players brought in for tidy sums are also recruited on contracts for a number of years as well as some of the existing players being put on longer and more lucrative contracts. Thus there is an underlying debt.

    The other thing is that although we have a relatively small squad there is an element of deadwood that we are carrying (as ever is seems!) which we have not done much to reduce. The final thing is that running the club has a cost and at the moment there is a huge dip in income due to COVID 19.

    These are tough times (stating the obvious) and we have to trust those in charge to know what they are doing!
  • Mugz
    Roofe has just scored an absolute worldy for Rangers. 70yds out beats 2 players then chips the keeper from half way.
  • Shammers
    Just seen that Mugz wow wo wow. video above.
  • connaughtgreen
    I did see that Brighton are asking 50 mill for White in the transfers what does that make some of our own lads worth then
  • Shammers
    Exactly now we are in the Premiership the players will get more noticed and hopefully it will help the club go forward when we come to moving people in and out.
    Some of the prices on Transfermarkt who tend to be quite good are a joke for Leeds players at the moment.
    Shackleton 2m Klich,Ayling,Dallas 3m
    but to be honest I don't care as i hope all these will stay with us for the foreseeable future.
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