• Shammers
    Couple of big games this week Preston Tuesday and a Yorkshire Derby at the Wendies on the weekend.
    Preston are doing well as they always do very hard to beat under a well drilled hard working team with really no superstars.
    Their home form is the best in the League
    Played 6 Won 5 Drew 1.
    They also are the best scoring team at home to this day 18 goals they have scored an average of 3 goals every home game that's some stat.
    So this tells you they like to attack which i think will suit us not saying it means we will win it but it will defo open doors on any counter.
    Only Bristol City have took a point this season and they have a few good scalps as well Sheff Wed,Brentford.
    We are defo going to have to be on top of our game to take any points here on Tuesday night.

    Team News:
    From the pressy it will be the same team as Birmingham Pablo not fit enough with a Hamstring injury not sure on Forshaw maybe a place on the bench.

    I don't fear Preston yes they are a good team and are going well but so are us it has the makings of a good game this one and i can't wait to watch it.
  • leedsdude
    Leeds certainly not bossing the game, Bamford has had his chances and has yet to hit the target. Close game, our defence has been excellent, there's has not. I hope that's the difference in the second half.
  • Shammers
    Close game and nothing in it really at Ht.
    We have created the better chances but yet again nothing from our powder puff efforts.
    Nobody goes to corners when shooting everything is point blank centre or no power.
    Bamford had some decent chances but it's just not falling for him infront of goal we really need to take one but it's seems to be the same story.
    Plenty corners but we just don't have the height to hurt anyone.
    Preston are really trying to halt our width and are doing a quite a good effort in doing so and they really are high pressing to stop us playing out from the back.
    The game is still there to be won but we all know what we have to do take one of the chances.
  • Shammers
    Nothing changes 1 shot on target 1 goal.
    us 2 on target 15 off target = 0 goals.
  • Shammers
    Oh and the only person who can score sits on the bench introduced thankyou very much 1-1
  • Shammers
    Bielsa has to find a place in the team now for Eddie.
    I have nothing aginst Bamford plays his part he just isn't a goal machine.
    Some big decisions now for Bielsa and the fans are getting inpatient too
    can we play both? abit of thinking time now for the gaffer.
  • leedsdude
    I think the goal says it all, his first header of the game. Bamford had missed a hatful of chances, in fact he didn't even get one on target. He somehow managed to put the ball out for a throw from a shot just outside the six yard box.

    Should we have had a penalty after Roberts went over in the last minute?
  • Dazzler
    If we want to win the league Bielsa has to bite the bullet and drop Bamford and we need to spend on a decent striker/goalscorer in the January window or it will be deja vu for us again this season I am afraid!!
  • El Poco Loco
    Well done Hull City
    You've kept us in the Play-offs :grin:
  • PhoenixUnited
    In the cold light of day Boys & Girls we should be the authors of our own destiny. That was an awful match and we played like a team with no ideas, creativity and game plan. Same old, same old with having the majority of the possession (which actually is a meaningless statistic) apparently loads of shots on goal - again (according to the stats) - of which I can remember only the tame Ben White effort straight at their keeper and got sucker punched again with a goal for PNE on the rare occasion that they got into the 18 yard box. Our keeper was at his erratic best - again. :groan:

    This was a lucky point rather than 2 dropped.

    Bamford has again come in for loads of stick but I wonder if you would agree that we are blessed with a whole bunch of Barn Door Billys who are never going to score a goal in a month of Sundays? :chin:

    It's hardly fair to say that it's all Bamford's fault that we can't score goals. Also the so called "chances" being created are not even close to being clear cut and neither are we coming up against keepers who are having blinders week in week out. :yikes:

    In summary, in attack we are as blunt as a blunt thing and fragile at the back. :roll:

    And yet we are second in the League! :smirk:

    If we have ambitions about the Play-Offs we need to be better than this. There is a tweak or two to get things right but Marcelo Bielsa looks unlikely to change anything ..........:roll:
  • mrbigstar
    I admire MB's approach in one way - a settled team will know each others game etc etc etc but it must be worth a change to see if we can work a system with Eddie N up front. They must have tried this in training. Maybe a big derby match against Sheff W is not the best time to try this out though!!

    Maybe Bamford is coming in for more stick than he is due, maybe he is there to do more than just score goals. But we have midfielders to do the that bit, to create chances, to harry defenders into mistakes. Bamford should be about scoring goals and atm he's not doing that. We are well below last seasons par in my view but as phoenix says, we are still second, a lucky second I think but the table doesn't lie.

    We have the dreaded Christmas period looming in the not too distant future. If I remember rightly we had a decent one last season for a change. But come the Jan transfer window when we could strengthen it may be too late. I'm not suggesting it'll be over but we may be hoping to consolidate a play off place by then and we all know our record in those!! Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, there are a lot of games to go before then. Lets just take them one at a time and see how we fair.

    We have a big on Saturday, it should be a good one, lets hope we can do one over on the wendies, a good performance and a few goals and I for one will feel a lot better.
  • El Poco Loco
    Bamford is going to start on Saturday!
  • Shammers
    All I think is why loan someone who doesn't fit into the teams style of play surely if he likes to play one way why bring someone in who can't replace Bamford as a straight replacement.
    I love Biesla and he knows 100% more than me on anything come to management but what is the point of loaning Eddie it's like he has been brought in to change a game late on in a 2nd half if things aren't going our way.
    I understand his points Bamford adds a lot to the team and agree we are different team when either player plays but my personal thoughts are we are not scoring and when Eddie comes on we tend to score, Yes it changes things but the object of a football game is to score goals and at this moment we are not.
    It looks like Bielsa is favouring Bamford because of the possession and what he adds to the team in his style rather than taking a chance on we score 4 and they score 3 sort of thing.
    Again I have nothing against Bamford he does his role well just we are lacking goals but to be fair its not just him to blame.
    Some big decisions for Bielsa in the next month or so.
  • Knottingley White
    The same can be said of Costa Johnny. MB came out and said recently that our high press game does not suit Costa's strengths, so again why sign him??
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