• Horrible
    Yes very sad to see but I agree it's hard to look for answers when we're all happy to see horses risking injury and death while racing for our enjoyment.

    I think these horses are bred to race and jump and if you compare to other countries and uses of horses the welfare standards in this sport are pretty good. These amazing animals are loved by those that look after them. It also seems that a lot of these horses enjoy it.

    But who really knows?
  • 100 winners before July
    Tiger Roll ran well and won against your selection at 25/1

    Silver Star looked to be going well when falling

    Tough weekend :grimace:
  • My selections for today.
    Top man Dodd :cheer:
  • Kempton tonight singles and doubles
    That works too DD. WD sir :starstruck:
  • Kempton tonight singles and doubles
    Very nice, that turned your day around :wink:
  • Last 3 Patent
    Nice DD. Mine was rubbish grrrrr
  • Last 3 Patent
    Here's my 3. Gl DD

    16th Feb KEMPTON 19:15 EVENT 1m 7f 218y - Win
    3. Higher Power
    16th Feb KEMPTON 19:45 HANDICAP 1m 3f 219y - Win
    6. Emenem
    16th Feb KEMPTON 20:15 HANDICAP 0m 6f 0y - Win
    8. Always Amazing
  • Four timers n acca
    16th Feb WINCANTON 13:45 HANDICAP CHASE 1m 7f 149y - Win
    1. Gino Trail
    16th Feb KEMPTON 18:15 HANDICAP 0m 6f 0y - Win
    6. Little Palaver
    16th Feb KEMPTON 19:45 HANDICAP 1m 3f 219y - Win
    6. Emenem
    16th Feb LINGFIELD 15:15 HANDICAP 0m 5f 6y - Win
    4. Its All A Joke
    16th Feb LINGFIELD 15:50 HANDICAP 1m 2f 0y - Win
    1. Mythical Madness

    Plus trebles
  • 30 day trial
    Like Mere Anarchy in this one Mr Mugg. Gl
  • Four timers n acca
    14th Feb FONTWELL 15:10 HANDICAP CHASE 2m 1f 165y - Win
    4. Le Capricieux
    14th Feb CHELMSFORD CITY 18:30 6F HCAP 6f - Win
    4. Tobeeornottobee
    14th Feb CHELMSFORD CITY 19:30 1M 2F HCAP 1m 2f - Win
    6. Baasha
    14th Feb KELSO 15:35 HANDICAP HURDLE 2m 6f 151y - Win
    5. Something Brewing
    14th Feb FONTWELL 16:20 HANDICAP CHASE 2m 5f 135y - Win
    5. Quinto
  • My selections for today.
    Another good winner wd
  • Natasha Galpin
    Sad RIP
  • 100 winners before July
    Cheers Rocky :smile:
  • 5.30
    Nice pick AKD
  • 5.30
    Tribal Path ew. Good luck :wink:
  • Wolves last 3
    Nice. Mines still in the stall
  • Today's bets..
    Gl chico
  • 305 Ayr tomorow
    Cheers FLA very kind

    If you throw enough darts I suppose :smile:
  • 305 Ayr tomorow
    I know I'm having one of them months grrrrrr