• Shammers
    Personal Super 7 (keeping it going till 40 Pts even though I think we are safe)
    These are my season cup finals.
    Started January 1st with 23Pts
    Super 7 Points Available 21Pts which alone would keep us up.(Rest are Free Hits)
    Super 7 Points Currently 6pts From 6pts

    3 Home: Palace(Won) - Sheff Utd - West Brom
    4 Away: Newcastle (Won) -Brighton- Burnley - Fulham.

    Personal Pts Needed 40Pts.
    Currently 32Pts
    Needed: 08 Pts

    Arsenal are a strange side this season they look very beatable at times. There form is also very similar to ours except we score more goals and they concede less.
    They have lost 3 of their last 5 games and their only win was at Southampton who have been in dire form of late.
    They will be hurting and still will be a tough nut to crack but on current form and League position we have to go there full of confidence.
    The previous encounter at Elland Road we drew 0-0 with Pepe red carded.
    we really should of had 3 points we destroyed them all game even when they had 11.
    No Two games are the same though.

    Team News - Leeds United

    Team News - Arsenal

    I fancy us getting something here but it all depends on Phillips being fit.
    If he is missing we have to change it all up again in Defence. Ayling can play CB but he's different class as a FB. We can't get a run of games without something happening in our backline it's very frustrating.
    Bielsa says Phillips is doubtful but is not ruled out. I really hope its a bit mind games from him but it makes no sense as his formation will not change.
    If Phillips is fit I fancy us taking the 3 points. Arsenal are not what they were, not saying they can't beat us but I defo think we have as much ability to hurt them as they can hurt us.
    If Phillips makes it Im going for a 0-1 0-2 to us.

    Gluck Lads go get them!!!!!!!! MOT!
  • Mugz
    If we win this we will have the same number of away wins as Man City, pretty amazing.

    It could be any score, very hard to predict Arsenal, they were on a good run but have lost the last 2. They are 4-3-4 at home, winning 2/6 v bottom half teams, and 2/5 v top half teams.
  • Mugz
    1 defeat in 11 now for Leicester who thump Liverpool 3-1. Takes a good side to beat them. :nerd:
  • Mugz
    Leeds are 8pts off 4th with 2 games in hand. :gasp:
  • Shammers
    Win today and we right in the mix with the top 10.
    Its really hard to even think what's still possible.
    This result of this game really tells us where we are going season me thinks
  • Mugz

    Arsenal 1.83
    Leeds Utd 4.6
    Draw 4.1

    Market makers not giving Leeds much respect today. :confused:
  • Mugz
    With 5 wins from 7 away v teams outside the top 6, I might have to have a bit on Leeds today.
  • The Gambler
    Chances go down with Phillips out and think we are a much better side with Ayling at right back! MOT
  • Shammers
    That pen was coming meslier takes far to long to clear his line not just today but in general he's like so relaxed and this time he got punished for it.
    Missing Ayling down the right big time Raphinha not in the game due to that.
    London not a Happy playing ground for us.
    They playing like man utd in our box and taking the piss .
  • Shammers
    3-0 and that's game over for sure. Absolute destroying our defence again
  • Shammers
    Shocking stuff at times today. Arsenal playing well with the ball and we have no answers. Can't get our wide men in the game and Arsenal winning the midfield.
    Can't blame shacks but the back 4 are getting run ragged.
    Learning curve today but it looks right like Man utd. Opening us up at the back with ease.
  • Mugz
    Atrocious. Look like they've been in Stringfellows all night.
  • Shammers
    Strujik can't play DM. Ayling is a RB.
    1st thing we need to learn today I understand we have injuries but we been here before that extra CB loan would of covered this when you got 3 main men out from your back line you asking for trouble.
    No overlaps from our fullbacks we are penned in.
    Meslier needs to wake up he cost us the last 2 goals.
    This could be 5 or 6 -0
  • Shammers
    Wtf is helder costa doing Jesus christ
  • Shammers
    Some heads needs shaking today
  • Shammers
    Cracking head Pascal at least we learned something.
  • Mugz

    Showing plenty of fight now.
  • Shammers
    Played the 1st half like we did the 2nd and we would of had a chance
    Meslier had a wake up call you can't stroll around which was becoming regular habit in games you make a decision and do it no dilly dallying.
    I thought Roberts did will 2nd half and Huggins can be proud of his debut.
    Arsenal should of had 6 or 7 though themselves we didn't deserve anything from that game.
    Once we get Koch Llorente and Phillips back I think we will be alot stronger but I really don't want to see Ayling at CB or Strujik at DM on a regular basis they are so much better in their regular positions.
  • PhoenixUnited
    Hardly for me to be second guessing MB but Meslier, Ayling and Cooper didn't seem to have an option to play the ball out of defence down the middle where KP would be operating. JS was stuck in position so Raphinha never got any feed and all the rough edges to Alioski were on show so Harrison was stumped.

    Poor old Bamford kept chasing but never got any service although he should have got us a penalty but crappy old VAR and blind referee struck again. We later learn that Klich was not fully fit. Begs the question as to what Hernandez has to do to get a game.

    I thought he might withdraw JS, put Dallas in his position and bring Hernandez on.......

    Not going to criticise anyone or anything. Let's move on :meh:
  • PhoenixUnited
    No idea what he is doing in the squad. Great ball skills but entirely powder puff. No mental or physical strength so basically useless and a waste of money. I'd rather a youngster gets his place.

    Also whoever decided that Costa was the answer at £17m needs to have a good look at themselves! :angry:
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