• Shammers
    Tuesday 28th 7:45

    Back to the cup Tuesday night meaning i see major changes with Boro being entertained on the Friday night.
    This cup is actually becoming a farce in my eyes nobody takes it serious and to bhonest when you have to play Saturday-Tuesday-Friday its a bit of a pizz take.
    I think the team that played Bolton in the previous round will even be adjusted.
    Blackman-Pearce-Shackleton- Shaughnessy-Baker-Harrison-Bamford I'm sure will all start
    leaving 4 places Roberts will get a place too if he's fit.
    I wouldn't be surprised if see a couple of youngsters yo brought into the squad
    Probably from this bunch
    Ryan Edmondson
    Sam Dalby
    Callum Nicell
    Hugo Diaz
    Jack Clarke
    Jordan Stevens
    Oriol Rey
    Pascal Struijk

    Time is running out for extra bodies from the loan window 1 week to go and it wouldn't surprise me to see a new face in before this cup game.
    I'm sure Preston will rest a few of their 1st team also.
    Another opportunity for the bench to stretch their legs and try to worm themselves into the 1st team.
    I'd like us to win but if we go out so be it we have to concentrate on the bread and butter and thats the league end of the day the only way we will win any of these cup competitions is being in the Premier League anyway
  • Shammers
    Shackleton - Shaughnessy - ???? - Pearce
    ???? - Baker
    Harrison - Roberts(if fit)

    That's how i see tomorrow.
    I also think Jansson might get another 50/60 mins.
    Dallas/Roberts if fit might start or get on the bench.
    of the U23's
    Jordan Stevens might get the midfield role along side Baker.
    CBacks Diaz-Struijk might get on the bench
  • Shammers
    Roberts-Rey-Shaughnessy all kept out the u23 game tonight so looking like they will be involved tomorrow.
  • Mugz
    Im not sure we can risk Jansson playing 3 games in 6 days with Cooper out. Ayling or Berardi will have to play CH alongside O'Shaughnessy. Im not really bothered who fills the other slots, as long as they arent key players for Friday. It would be good to keep the 100% home record going but Im not going to lose any sleep if we lose 4-6 !
  • Shammers
    Oh don't remind me of that game man. I still have nightmares when i think of it.
    Coming from the Preston forums they don't care either they want all 11 first teamers out and kept for the weekend.
    but on the other hand their manager has said he is going out to win so be interesting in who they field.
    what would be icing on the cake is our squad players taking out their 1st teamers.
    I will be watching cheering the boys on,
  • El Poco Loco
    In it,to win it! is my motto.
    But that's true Johnny - it would be absolutely brilliant to beat their 1st team with what's basically our second string. :grin:
    Onwards and Upwards.
  • PhoenixUnited
    I have to admit that I don't really care about progress in the Two Bob Cup. :smirk:

    The thing I do want to see is more of the players that are currently on the fringes in these games. This is the downside of having a settled team that the others don't get a look in. The youngsters too can get huge benefit from getting a run out in the first 11. It for these reasons that I hope we stay in the competition as long as possible. :ok:

    I predicted a hard tough point against Norwich which shows up why I am not a betting man. :roll:

    All I can say is that I think we will prevail by a couple of goals in this one.

    Keep the Faith
  • Knottingley White
    Going with the Mrs to nice seats on the halfway line in the West stand for this one, so hoping for a good game and a win.
    Back to losing my voice in the Cheese wedge on Friday night though, in what I really do hope is a win!!!
  • Shammers
    finished work early to watch this and nobody is streaming it from my contacts. if anyone gets the LUFC feed pump it on here please.
  • Shammers
    Dallas captain tonight.
    The Preston fans on their team think it's goodnight already if only if it was that easy.
    Preston have improved the last couple of seasons and always are hard to beat but i think taking 7 1st players out we have to be decent fav's as our 2nd string looks way more classier than theirs.
    lets get it on.
    bring everyone out the game safe and sound is number one objective then lets go smash em!
  • Shammers
    Goal Preston pen 45 seconds
  • Shammers
    RED CARD For Preston midfielder Ryan Ledson :up:
  • Shammers
    Awful challenge could of broke bones with that.

  • Shammers
    Leeds 0 Preston 2 right on HT
  • connaughtgreen
    think the language on this thread is dam disgusting
  • Shammers
    Apologies but they are from tweets i found with the footage.
  • Tooth
    Shammers have you posted a video/pic where you have put slowmo because i dont see nothing ?
  • Shammers
    yeah i did
    works on mine mate.
  • Tooth
    dont seem to be getting any pic/vids, was wondering why some peoples posts were blank to me very strange ?
  • Tooth
    ok using firfox as my browser tried it on internet explorer and its ok so must be that
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