• mrbigstar
    Cant quite believe he's gone. Yes results have been bad, truly bad of late but I think I would have preferred he stayed until the end of the season and see where we go from there. Whether we stay up or go down I would have rather they all sat down and worked it out then.

    I must admit I don't know much about Jesse Marsch apart from what I have read of late but apparently he's been in our sights for some time as a possible replacement. Lets hope he can turn the results round, I wish him all the best. I'm sure the fans will be behind him but switching loyalties from Bielsa to Marsch will be a strange thing to get to grips with.

    We have 6 interesting games coming up, an opportunity to pick up some points hopefully. Lets see if there is a marked change in style, it will be interesting to watch. All we can do is sit and watch and see what happens. Fingers crossed, lets hope Andrea has got this one right!!

  • Mugz
    I think it was the correct decision. If Bielsa had stayed and taken us down then all the hard work of the last 3 years would almost have been for nothing. I really like the man, his attitude to football and life, but he is not a tactical genius. We have the players to match most teams in the league but the system was broken. When teams like Norwich are leading at Anfield after 60 mins, and we 0-3 down then you know we are in trouble. Watford draw at Old Trafford, we lost 2-4 to them at home. Everton have lost 5 of the last 6 but beat Leeds 3-0 easily. You can hope and pray for a Bielsa miracle, but we arent conceding all these goals just because Liam Cooper is injured.

    Im very optimistic that the new manager bounce factor can see us get enough points to stabilise the ship and by the time Bamford and Phillips are back and firing then we can really see where Marsch can take us.
  • mrbigstar
    Nice post Mugz. Yeah the new manager factor can hopefully work in our favour. and there are points to be picked up in the next 6 games so yeah fingers crossed. It will be interesting to see how we set ourselves out for the these games. Sounds like he has clear plans as to how he wants us to evolve and as you say, by the time we get Bamford, Phillips and Cooper back we may be in a healthier position.
  • connaughtgreen
    Personally, my take on this is
    The management and Beilsas future was a nonstarter for whatever reason there is no way they wanted him to stay they wanted him gone maybe he was too popular
    A man who has done more for this club than any you care to name.
    All of a sudden a billionaire Owner never had any cash injection to make for the players we needed to stay up
    As Mr. Bigstar states Marches was in the window ages ago
    What also annoys me is the player's attitude towards MB after what he had done for the team i believe quite a few were not bothered if they won because they wanted MB gone
    Not one of them had the guts to say hey boss we don't like how you play no they just sat back and watched crappy results not bothered about the fans no respect at all certainly no respect for MB no doubt they banked the ludicrous wages they are paid
    The whole business stinks with me i have been with this team since the early 60s but now I'm asking if i want to stay only time will tell
    Some of you may disagree with me but that's your choice this is my opinion
    I was actually hoping they drop with Norwich and then watch the so-called big stars drop away as sure as hell they won't stay and they are one of the reasons we are where we are now
  • mrbigstar
    The players attitude certainly doesn't seem to be the same as it was last year. It's hard to put a finger on it but they just didn't seem to have the same heart as they did last year. I'm one of those who thinks the buck ultimately stops with the team. It's always the manager that gets the blame and then the boot. They did appear to have stopped playing for MB.
    That said there was a big improvement against Norwich which coincidently coincided with the return of Bamford!!
    I have to go, work is calling :sad: but just quickly, Jesse Marsch interviewed well I thought, he seemed enthusiastic, respectful of the job and his predecessor and importantly has a plan!!
    Must go. MOT.
  • Mugz
    I think the players attitude has always been good but I think there was frustration that Bielsas tactics were inflexible in certain games. When things arent going for you then to keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a change of luck is just madness. Having seen Leeds 3 times under the new manager I think we have become more aggressive in ball winning but we are still very disorganised at the back. We are now in a position where we can afford to try and grind out a few draws, particularly against the top 4 teams, and not have to go gung ho for the win. The team spirit is phenomenal, and for me has never been in doubt.
  • connaughtgreen
    well we are nearly there was pleased to see the input from the players and hope JM stays for next season whatever the outcome of this season
    The 2 red cards never helped us for the last 2 games but a red is a red the first with Ayling was pathetic on his part
    As for last night and the red
    I have been on the Chelsea site and it appears the tackle from James was soso i would have accepted a yellow for that
    It seems Kovacic has multiple injuries from last night's incident and won't play till the next game
    But the good news is he has been chosen to represent Croatia in the next Olympics on the gymnastics mat rolls where he will be on a mat and not the hard ground Pathetic Cheatballer
  • mrbigstar
    :lol: In real time I though DJ's tackle was a good one. On replay I wasn't so sure. With Anthony Taylor in charge, and lets say I don't think he's a big Leeds fan, I wasn't surprised at the red card. There's still a lot of people out there, especially in the world of officials, who love to hate Leeds and we will pick up a yellow where a telling off will do for most other teams and a red card instead of a yellow. We are not a dirty team but the stats, 100 cards would have you believe that!!
    The upshot of this is we are without Ayling and James when we really do need them. If Paddy B is back we still yet may have a chance.
  • connaughtgreen
    I agree with you re the Ref and the attitude towards LUFC In the officials
    I also wonder how many games are played out to help a team stay in the prem, especially one that has struggled to win and then suddenly can't stop losing. Call me a cynic but I'm sure it does happen
  • mrbigstar
    Makes you wonder!! Burnley and Everton securing some unlikely results :wink:
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