• mrbigstar
    Bielsa's worried, I'm worried. We seem to be in freefall atm. Defence like headless chickens, no midfield creativity and no goal scorers. I wasn't expecting much from Man U and Liverpool nor am I expecting much against Spurs for that matter but the last 2 games we've been made to look like League 1 material. Spurs are no playing well under Conti atm but I still feel they will be too good for us.

    Ok, we have some players likely to return before the end of the season but will their return be enough to lift our fortunes and the team? I have my doubts. 2 players (Phillips and Bamford) don't make a team and the teams around us are beginning to find some form and pick up points.

    Did we hold on to the same group of players for too long? They got us out of the Championship and returned a good season in the Prem but now others know are game should we have shuffled the pack and brought in some new talent? I believe Bielsa said he didn't want to bring in any new signings although the board were willing.

    Bielsa is worried, I'm worried, is anyone else? We still have some tough games to come, I have a ticket for the final game at Brentford, it could be crucial!!
  • Shammers
    Evening all.
    A Month on I'm feeling a little bit better but I'm still not taking anything for granted. After the Everton loss I was fearing the drop. but, even though we still aren't playing very well we have picked up 6 very important points in our last 2 games but without that bit of luck it could well of been 1point.
    Norwich we deserved to win and got that late bit of luck late on. at Wolves lets face it we were dead and buried at Halftime Yes we did well to still score 3 goals 2nd half but the red card deffo played it's part in them 3 points.
    I know we have 8 games to go but personally our next two games are our season. Southampton, Watford.
    Currently 7 points ahead of Watford. If we take out the saints this Saturday make that 10 points with Watford visiting Anfield.
    Then we have the big one the one we mustn't lose Watford. win that we go 13 Infront of Watford that's a 5 game turnaround with 6 to play it just won't happen.
    Norwich are down and I honestly can't see Burnley going on a run.
    Get these 6 points it will take us to 35 Points and I'm sure that's not far off were we need to be at the end of the season 35-37 Points will surely keep us up.

    As on keeping players I've already accepted Raphinha won't be here even if we stay up.
    Read yesterday from Fabrizio Romano @FabrizioRomano
    Raphinha's contract includes two release clauses: 75 million in case Leeds will stay in PL, 25 million if relegated. That's why Barcelona are waiting to make their opening bid.
    Personal terms not an issue. Barça are in advanced talks with his agent Deco since February.

    So basically if we stay up Barca won't be able to afford Raph. Chelsea were very interested but obviously that can't happen. leaving the road clear for Liverpool to attack. If we go down he will go were he pleases along with many others from the side.

    It's going to take something really special to hold onto Raphinha and Phillips no matter where we play next season but lets not get to down hearted Leicester have sold big players over the years but still held there own. even won the League. if that was to happen both sold with our Premiership status intact you got to be looking at £150M brought to the kitty. We found Raphinha and lets be honest with ourselves who knew who he was when we signed not many for sure. who says we can't find another or even someone better.
    Let's get our survival over the line first then we can concentrate on the future. going down will affect alot staying up we have a fighting chance of turning it around and learn from this season's mistakes.
    Marching On Together !
  • Mugz
    Hi Shammers, good to see you posting. Its been a tough season but the best might be yet to come. Saturday is a huge day all round with everyone else at the bottom facing tough tasks to even get a point we have a winnable match if we are at our best. Normally after an International break we have a host of players returning fatigued, but this time due to injuries and covid most have stayed home, or just played the 1 game. Dan James was excellent for Wales, if he can up his finishing he could be a superstar, and with Bamford looking out for the season then we will need James to deliver. The big bonus for me is Rodrigo who under Marsch is starting to look very useful. A front 3 of James, Rodrigo and Rapha all in form and fit is very encouraging.

    I think we just need 2 wins to be safe. I cant make a case for at least 2 of the teams below us getting to 35pts. I think 3pts on Saturday would be a giant leap towards safety and the earlier that is secured the more we can look forward to welcoming Chelsea to Elland Road. I have a good feeling about that one, if we can get enough points beforehand.
  • mrbigstar
    Hi Shammers, good to hear from you. Miss your posts :smile: Looking forward to getting back to the main event after the rather (for England) pointless break. Huge game against the saints who are fortunately out of form atm. Hoping we can continue our winning streak, 3 wins on the bounce would be massive at this point in the season with a mixed bag of winable and tough games to come. Maybe the disruption at Chelsea might work in our favour!

    Looks like PB is out for the rest of the season so maybe Rodrigo can fill that gap in the same fashion he has been under Jessie Marsch so far. As you say Mugs an in form James Rapha and Rodrigo is not bad at all. It looks like our injuries worries are at last starting to ease but that can change quickly, fingers crossed anyway.

    Phillips indicating he's looking for a new contract, hope thats more than just talk and how much influence does he have anyway, if his agent says you're going then you're going!! As you say £120-£150 for Phillips and Rapha in the kitty can do an awful lot for us, it does look as though the value if relegated is about half. Anyway got to go, work, as I say looking forward to 3pm saturday, lets hope we get a good result. MOT.
  • Mugz
    Pretty big game today, must not lose but a win and I think we are nearly there.
  • mrbigstar
    We can only play who is in front of us and since JM has taken over we have done pretty well. Results around us have generally gone our way and those with games in hand are beginning to run out of them. Some tough games to come and not safe yet but its certainly looking better. Can we grab a good result against Palace, wont be easy but would be nice!!
  • Mugz
    A terrible weekend results wise, Burnley have turned into Bayern Munich and Chelsea did their old boss a big favour. A few weeks ago I didnt want it to go to the last game but that has completely changed. If we have to go to Brentford and win to stay up so be it.
  • mrbigstar
    As it stands our fate is no longer in our own hands, however in reality theres still a lot of points to be won and lost. We really could do with a point each from both the Arsenal and Chelsea games and hope to take 3 from either of the last 2 games. I would prefer not to have to win at Brentford but as you say if we do so be it. West Ham went down on 42 points, I dont think we will need that many. Hoping Bayern Munich turn back into Burnley or Evertons woeful away form will be their downfall.
  • Shammers
    Hi All,
    I am worried now. What a funny old game this is and can make you look really stupid. it's took Burnley 30 odd games to win 4 games now if they win today, it's 4 from 4 unbelievable.
    Everton are winning games they shouldn't which proves they can easily pull themselves away and even though we weren't in bad form on results before the city game everything seems to be catching us up.
    I'm praying Villa can end Burnley's win streak today which will give us belief in even a point is a decent result tomorrow at Arsenal. If Burnley win that's 2 games we have to turn around with 3 to play.
    We need a big result in one of our next 2 against Arsenal or Chelsea as if we lose both we will defo be in the bottom 3 with 2 to play playing catch up.
  • mrbigstar
    Thank you Villa!! Everton have now turned into Real Madrid though. Unfortunately we have yet to turn into anyone other than Leeds Utd. Shocking first half against the Gunners, what was Ayling thinking, Rapha lucky not to follow him for dissent! To win the second half 1-0 at the Emirates with 10 men was some achievement though, hopefully its the second half performance we will bring to tonights game. It's not quite a must win but we need a point at the very least, 3 would help, a lot. Which Chelsea will turn up tonight though? They are still not fully assured of CL football although Spurs would have to go some to dump them out. It's not like its a must win for them tonight. Fingers crossed for then. MOT.
  • Mugz
    Well we lost all 3 which is what should have happened and did. Advantage Burnley who will be thinking that they just need a win or 2 draws from their 3 games to stay up as Leeds don't look like beating anyone at the moment.

    We live in hope of a minor miracle, but we have Brighton next who are in peak form and that will be as tough as playing Chelsea or Arsenal. If it goes to the last game and we have to better Burnleys result to stay up then so be it.
  • mrbigstar
    Agreed, looks like we'd struggle to beat anyone atm. Burnley do have a tough run in but on our current form ours is tough too and I see us struggling against both Brighton and Brentford. I feel a win and a draw are needed and even that may not be enough. A minor miracle, it is looking that way.

    Will we look back on injuries? Certainly. Lack of investment in the squad? Possibly. One game at a time though, lets hope we put in a good performance and get a good result against Brighton, then lets see!!
  • mrbigstar
    So a late late late goal against Brighton, I'll take it, we deserved it :joke: Have to wait and see what Thursday night throws up. A win or 2 draws sees Everton safe, I expect them to do that but Palace at home and Arsenal away could easily leave them pointless form both games. We'll see.

    I'm hoping Villa can turn Burley over on Thursday leaving them Newcastle at home on Sunday and needing to better our result at Brentford.

    The new Community Stadium will be pretty intimidating on Sunday, the home crowd will be right behind them and they'll come flying at our fragile defence, I can't see us keeping a clean sheet so goals will be needed. A draw may do it, who knows, PB back for the final game? Would be be a big boost. My fingers will be tightly crossed but lets see what happens Thursday. Tense.....
  • connaughtgreen
    You couldn't make it up After my visit to the doctor's surgery I have a shoulder problem
    The good lady said she wanted to go to Matalan apparently my joggers need changing anyway whilst she was looking a chap came along with a Villa shirt on
    So I just said how do you think Thursday will go his response was
    Hope Burnley thrash us anything that stuffs that lot over the Pennines is ok by me well I was gobsmacked I actually met a rival who loathed the mighty whites
    He had a stupid smirk on his face when all of a sudden my trolley shot forwards and as it was on a slight angle it hit him square in the nuts
    No, I wasn't the perpetrator it was an aged gentleman who tripped over a matchstick I think colliding with my trolley and smashing it forwards
    The smile on my face is still there the wife doesn't understand how I can possibly think someone getting smacked in the nuts is funny
    I said no you are right its actually bloody hilarious
  • Mugz
    Never in doubt :razz:
  • mrbigstar
    Of course not :wink:
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