• mrbigstar
    4 points from last 2 games not too shabby. Will take that esp with other results going our way somewhat. Haven't seen the Chelsea game yet as been abroad but will try and catch up tonight. MC will be tough and a point will do very nicely for me. Stopping them will be mighty tricky. Same result as last season would do :wink: . Norwich v Villa could be interesting

    So, I guess we are without Paddy again, is Koch ready to return? Lets hope the match officials are not as bent as the F1 ones :lol: Fingers crossed.
  • Mugz
    Man City getting payback for getting only 1pt against us last season. Not great viewing but they are the best team in Europe right now.

    Didn't expect anything from the last 2 games and we got exactly that. Arsenal is a huge game on Sat so perhaps a right stuffing like this will do us good.
  • mrbigstar
    That was a hard watch. Boys against men!! Hope you're right Mugs and last nights stuffing will do us good in some way. Bielsa looked shell shocked after that and the players too. Hopefully they will come out fighting against Arsenal and determined to prove a point.

    Man City would have probably knocked anyone aside last night but we made it very easy for them. I think their pride was hurt last season :yikes: We just have to put this behind us and get on with it...
  • Mugz
    Worry is that we have just played peak Man City and we could be about to face peak Arsenal ! I was impressed with them v West Ham and if they can replicate that form I think they will win. However if they put in a performance like Everton away (1-2) then we can win.
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