• Shammers
    Prize Money.
    A) Domestic TV Money (£1.8 billion)

    1. 50% divided equally (That's around £38 million each for all 20 clubs)
    2. 25% Merit based: divided according to final league position in 2020-21 season (1st £40Million)
    (20th £2Million)
    3. £1Million for ever live TV Game shown

    4.. Oversees TV money £1Billion

    Is divided equally between all 20 clubs and for the 2020-21 season all premier league clubs will get around £47 million each

    So if the season finished today We would receive:
    1. £38M (Equal Share)
    2.£22M (10th Position) Order Of Merit
    3 £20M-£30M Uk Shown Live (Not sure how many game we have had live in the Uk but its capped at 10 games meaning a certain (£10M) but we well past that already.
    4.£47M Oversea's Tv Money.
    TOTAL: £127M To £137M
    All depending on where we finish at the end of the season as Teams gain £2M the higher the final position.
    Add another £5M for Commercial revenue
    The Club should be looking at making somewhere between
    £132Million/£142Million this season.


    So this seems our League table for the run in.
    So when people now say we are safe let's try some youngsters out I disagree to a certain point.
    £24M is up for grabs in that mini table if we finish 9th.
    £16M is available if we finish 13th

    Thats £8Million Quid difference that could go along way in finalising a transfer.

    8 Games to go all still very important. 24Points to play for.
    Home: Liverpool-Man Utd-Spurs-West Brom
    Away: Man City-Brighton-Burnley-Southampton

    If we can get 11-12-13 Points from them Id be very happy.
  • Shammers
    • 1 Manchester City £220m K. De Bruyne (£320,000)
    • 2 Manchester United £205.4m D. Dea Gea (£300,000)
    • 3 Liverpool £190m M. Salah (£260,000)
    • 4 Chelsea £186.7m Timo Werner (£240,000)
    • 5 Arsenal £175m P.E Aubamyang (£320,000)
    • 6 Tottenham £151.5m Harry Kane (£260,000)
    • 7 Everton £114m James Rodriguez (£160,000)
    • 8 Leicester City £86.2m Jamie Vardy (£200,000)
    • 9 West Ham £79.8m Andriy Yarmolenko (£115,000)
    • 11 Wolverhampton £75.9m Jose Moutinho (£100,000)
    • 10 Southampton £75.9m Danny Ings (£75,000)
    • 12 Crystal Palace £63.3m Wilfried Zaha (£130,000)
    • 13 Newcastle United £63m Joelinton (£80,000)
    • 14 Aston Villa £55.7m Jack Grealish (£120,000)
    • 15 Fulham £51.2m Alphonse Areola (£85,000)
    • 16 West Brom £45.6m Kieran Gibbs (£55,000)
    • 17 Brighton £43m Adam Lallana (£80,000)
    • 18 Burnley £39m Ben Mee (£55,000)
    • 19 Leeds United £31.4m Rodrigo Machado (£57,500)
    • 20 Sheffield United £28.6m Phil Jagielka (£51,000)
  • Shammers
    Just over £31M for this season's wage bill that's superb compared to everyone else.
    But we had a big loss last season.

    Covid being a big killer to that with no revenue from matchday attendance and everything that goes with it.
  • Mugz
    Good job we went up ! :joke:

    If Rodrigo is the top earner then Kalvin Phillips needs a pay rise, he could triple his wages with a move.
  • ModalInc
    The rumour is we're upping our wage structure to 50m which means some existing can get raises and we could sign afew players on pretty pennies with the rest.

    Would still prefer them to stay manageable, especially if we have a calamitous season or the pandemic returns in force and we lose alot or get relegated. Can't have stupidly unsustainable wages.
  • Shammers

    Yes that would be nice mate.
    We deffo look to be progressing onto that next step of the ladder now
    I did some research on the live Tv games and every game this season is shown live on tv. how did i not know that lol so that's £38M

    So My guessing it will be something like this:
    1. £38M (Equal Share)
    2.£22M???? (Currently10th Position) Order Of Merit
    3 £38M (Every Live Game Shown)
    4.£47M Oversea's Tv Money.
    5.£5M Commercial Revenue
    TOTAL Guaranteed £128M
    + Whatever we get from our final League position currently £22M
    Making £150M
  • Shammers
    We going to finish in one of these positions. 7-13
    £26m-£16m to play for.
    Get over these next 2 games Liverpool and Man Utd positively (Meaning another win) we will have a nice run in to the end of the season on paper. 4 teams from the bottom 7 along with Spurs.
    That 7th spot could still get us into Europe.
    What a season that would be.
    Plenty of fish to fry before then but everything is still possible with 7 games to go.

  • Mugz
    £150m without any gate receipts and no European football. :gasp:
  • Shammers
    take away £31.5M for wages. So roughly about 120M.

    Man City have wages of £220M wow
    So they probably losing about £32M a season even if winning the league on Wages alone.
    but they will profit from Champions League.
    Group Stages: £15M
    Each win in the groups stages wins £2.7M A Draw £0.9M
    They got 5 wins 1 draw in the group making £14.4M

    Last 16: £9.5M
    Q/F: £10.5M
    S/F: £12M

    So they in the S/F Already banked £61.4M
    Get to the final add another £15M
    Win the Final add £4M (Which seems weird but that's what it is)

    So if they go all the way and win it should bank about £80M
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