• PhoenixUnited
    i wonder if it is worth to have a general running thread throughout with a quick emoji from contributors about where they think we are in the Glass Half full / Glass Half Empty stakes. Here is mine as as August 2018:

    :smile: Start your Engines!
  • Shammers
    I'm in the middle excited about the new season but don't think we have pulled enough bodies in just yet. That could change though.
  • reynard kevin
    also in the middle each year we start off thinking this could be the year?
    but usually we always have a bitter end of season taste at the end.
    last year started off like a house on fire but when the house burned out so did we.
    new players as always but why do other clubs let them go so easily boro cast offs
    that orta brought in when he was at boro is he trying to prove a point?
    but having said that bamford was a different player when moved to the main forward position last year
    so the no 9 shirt looks like he will play the same for us :smile:
    but as usual we seem to need to sell to pay for our new players i.e = viera
    we all hope for the best as always time will tell?
  • Moshin
    Excited for the new season just like any other year, except this year it feels different
    Putting the emotions to one side, let’s look at the facts
    Bielsa - top grade manager
    Douglas - quality and proven at this level as one of the best if not the best. A real left back for once.
    Bamford - quality striker, again a real proper striker more than capable at this level, could also say proven at this level
    Blackman - proven goalie at this level

    Baker and Harrison more than capable of playing at this level with plenty to prove

    Now it’s up to the players from last season who are still in the first team squad to have the attitude and desire to win every game this time surrounded by more quality and purpose than last year.

    This has always described as a project and the foundations have been laid, now it’s up to the manager and the players on how the project does this year.

    One huge note of caution. We (Leeds fans) are not a patient bunch, but we really have to give this team some time to gel and if Bielsa is a stickler for fitness some players might not even play in the first game or two that we could consider starters.

    Pontus - he hasn’t played a game since the season started due to coming back late from World Cup duty, plus he only had a short vacation

    Douglas - he has never played along side Cooper and Pontus and Ayling

    The above four have never played in front of Blackman. There are probably a few more examples in most areas.

    So as hard as it will be given our first few tough opponents, let’s get behind the team and let’s try and be patient until these boys start clicking.

    Now I add the emotions back in and I am Super Exited for the new season
  • PhoenixUnited
    Looking forward to seeing the Team tomorrow but anxious also in equal amounts

    :wink: :pray: :worry:

    Keep the Faith.
    I'm excited for the coming season.
    I feel things down at Elland Road moving in a new direction.
    Everybody seems motivated, and I think Mr Bielsa will keep it that way.
    One thing I wish to mention which seems overlooked,to myself just as important as any big money signing, the return of Luke Ayling to first team selection.
    When fit I think Luke contributes more than his share to the team effort, whether defence or backing up the attack on the right flank.
    It's no co-incidence the serious injury to Luke last season happened at the exact time the team came off the rails.
  • Tooth
    I have to agreee with Saxon here i think losing Ayling last year was a major loss he may not score many goals and he may make the odd mistake on a rare occasion but with his work down the line and his link up play i think that he does more then must and he was getting a good understanding with Alioski, lets hope he can do the same with Harrison could be exciting to see .
  • connaughtgreen
    I can honestly say its been a long time since i felt this confident at this end of the season I feel we are actually going to do something this season Stoke as a first game is an eye opener not sure how they are going to be after relegation but fingers crossed onwards and upwards :up:
  • PhoenixUnited
    Second game in - Derby County, come on down! Feeling OK at the mo.

    Transfer window closed; Loan window ticking down. Things OK for me at the mo. :smile:
  • Thunda
    Great so far- took Derby apart on Saturday as we did Stoke the week before- the Bielsa effect is seriously impressive. I know we started well last year then fell off after Millwall, but that was because we only had one way to play and once teams worked it out, we were toast. I dont think this will be the case with Bielsa- Im sure hes got lots of different ways of playing.
    The thing that is the most impressive is, 10 out of the 11 in both these games are players from last years team, but they look completely different- Phillips, Alioski and particularly Roofe are transformed- even Coops looks greatly improved, and we've hardly used any of this years signings apart from Douglas (whos been fantastic). Onwards & Upwards!
  • PhoenixUnited
    It’s early days but Marcelo Bielsa has certainly set his stall out. We have a serious guy who is clearly not going to stand for any nonsense from anyone nor take any prisoners so far as team selection goes. He has got his message through to the players and got them playing with a great deal of commitment and higher performance. It is early days but this has the makings of an extraordinary season.

    I just hope that Messrs Radrizzani, Orta and Kinnear remain in their cages! :brow:
  • Drew
    Great start to the season, fantastic performances & results against Stoke & Derby!

    Hoping that the team selected tonight for the cup keep on the winning ways and turn out with another great performance!

    WAL MOT :cheer: :grin:
  • El Poco Loco
    With you on this one WHW. -So Far So Good!
  • connaughtgreen
    just a bit of info does anyone on here know what happened the last time we were 3-1 4-1 2-0 at the start of the season
  • reynard kevin
    reynard kevin
    hi connaughtgreen the last time we had a league start better than this was in the 2009/10 season when we were in league 1 and we won our first six games.
    the best start we have made in all competitions i.e league + cups was also in 2009/10 with 8 straight wins.
    best run in just the league was in 1973/4 when we won 7 in a row also the same year we went 29 matches unbeaten from the start.
    so the target is 9 to have the best ever start by a leeds team in league + cups.
    or target of 8 to beat the league start record.
    when you think that was don revies greatest ever leeds team that would be some acheivement .
  • PhoenixUnited
    These are uplifting results. Long may they continue.

    First major hurdle for me, as it is every season, is to get another 35 points and I can strike the R word from my list of worries.........

    For the time being here is my status
  • Shammers
    I've went from :meh: to :smile:
  • reynard kevin
    So after 6 games how do we compare with last season?
    well we have 14 points the same at this point GF 14 GA 4 against GF 12 GA 2
    So up to now ditto as last year.
    to equal our great start last year we need to win at Millwall never a easy place for us on September 15 to get the 17 points we had after 7 games last year.
    then we fell off a cliff last year after that managing to get only 6 points two wins from the next 9 games.
    surely under senor Bielsa we can do better than that.
    roll on sep 15th
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