• Shammers
    If you read my posts on here lol.
    you will know I'm not a big fan of Jack Grealish.
    No matter how much talent the boy has he has to brought forward to a panel his playacting and cheating is getting worse week by week.
    In todays game with West Ham i finally lost it with his continuous diving.
    He also had the cheek to tell a west ham player to get up after a foul.
    This is one of his many fake fouls tonight.

    Come on it's time this lad got pulled to one side now and get told what he is doing is totally unsporting behaviour not only is he cheating he is trying to get a fellow professional a possible sending off.
    Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beats me how even the commentators take a blind eye to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are they being told not to highlight it as its been there all game why do they say its clever? Its fu%4king cheating.
  • El Poco Loco
    Spot on Johnny,
    The guy has loads of talent but his attitude leaves a lot to be desired - he'll go down at the drop of a hat and writhe in apparent agony when he hasn't been touched.
    He is A CHEAT - no other way of putting it!
  • PhoenixUnited
    It is endemic in the Club. Grealish, for all his talent, is a con artist and this kind of blatant cheating shows his character and his professional integrity. Also Dean Smith and his other colleagues are happy with what they are seeing obviously.
  • Shammers
    Totally agree but why aren't the FA doing more about it not just Jack but for the sake of the game.
    Why does this always get overlooked?
    If things like this were looked into after a game and players were given suspensions if found guilty a lot of this nonsense would stop. Fines aren't enough as players these days have far to much money.
    Only way to hurt a cheating player is to stop his game time on the pitch.
    Jack is a number one culprit but it goes on all over.
    One time I loved English Football for our honesty we never followed the Italian and Spanish way then all of a sudden its becoming far worse than both. A excuse could be with all the foreign players coming in it crept into our game but JACK GREALISH is English and a International what sort of role model does he set for the young boys in schools who want to be like him?
  • Shammers
    What is the game becoming?

  • connaughtgreen
    I was watching scum in a European and have to say i always record them all now all the claptrap before the game and at half time but the cheating that went on beggars belief oh nearly forgot its not cheating is it they even have a name for it Simulation I am of the opinion now that refs are scared when they see a player hit the ground not forgetting the obligatory SCREAM holding leg foot ankle face that they just book the so called offending player even if they know there was NO contact Overpaid cheatballers
  • PhoenixUnited
    I see Grealish has got himself more points than the Blunts! :rofl: :grin: :razz:
  • Shammers

    Yes did you watch that video of him smashing his way out of a carpark.
    Jesus how has he passed his driving test.
  • connaughtgreen
    I truly believe the commentators are told not to comment on the cheating in fact they use the simulation word when the cheatballer dives and gets booked
    Sadly not too many Refs book them for diving/cheating i do remember a Champs game a few weeks ago PSG was playing and megga bucks $248 million paid to Barcelona for Neymar hit the deck and the Ref there didn't hesitate to chuck up a card bugger should have been a red one though it was in the penalty area and note if a player is fouled in the area the offending one gets a red plus the penalty too
    Don't get me started on the crowd at Gooners one of which was here for a short while they cheat like it's a game and certainly no shame. :grimace:

    Oh and while I'm on Why is it expressed as winning a penalty cheers all round
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