• The racing voice
    I part own this horse and we think the extension of trip will suit, we have decided to put it back over this trip as our horse ran well at Redcar been running over shorter but our horse hasn't got going till late. We've backed it and we are confident that our horse can at least go well.

    Nicholas t 4.05 Ayr
  • CMB
    Added to my bet slip earlier! Nice run at Redcar behind Big Country, who won a listed race today.
  • Dexy
    4.00 race.. Gd luck :ok:
  • The racing voice
    Didn't perform jockey told us that he asked for a response and got very little. Our horse has gone over the top will need a rest, this is precisely why i only part own 3 horses now used to be 10 there cost a fortune to keep and when you aren't getting the results its annoying.
  • Mugz
    (Morning price: 4/1 9/2 4/1 5/1)
    (Ring price: 6/1 11/2 5/1 9/2 5/1 11/2 6/1 7/1 8/1) SP 8/1

    T -J Goldie
    J - George Downing

    held up towards rear, ridden and headway over 1f out, kept on same pace
  • Mugz
    Its weird isn't it that it drifts in the morning then gets backed on course initially, but then before the off goes from 9/2 to 8/1.
  • The racing voice
    Agree Mugz. This is what I mean about disapointment your a part owner paying vet billls etc and betting suggests that today is not the day even though you have been told it is. I think the trainers are getting together and deciding whats going to win. You may ask why i say this well its a fact that another one of the horses i part own was fancied on one particular day and i was with a few people in the parade ring and the trainer asked us owners if it was ok that he told other trainers that he thought it was going to win as he knew we already had our money on we said it was ok probably as we were buzzing but when i thought about it afterwards i personally thought he was a bit out of order. The horse won as well. Makes you wonder doesn't it?
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