• Shammers
    Back to Elland Road Monday evening for the visit of Leicester City.
    Another massive test for us. this time in the shape of a very good counter attacking side. Can see this set up like the Wolves.
    Leicester will sit back and pounce. We have to be very wary of these as they are probably one of the best teams in the Prem on a break so much pace.
    They have smashed Man City and Arsenal on there travels this season and will be coming here with plenty of confidence.
    I said the same with Villa and fancied us strongly but Leicester play a complete different way they won't go gung ho. They will sit and soak up pressure when needed but when they see a sniff that counter will be hard to contain especially if we short at the back if/when we push to many forward.
    Not a game I really fancy. we tend to struggle against teams that play this way but it's all about breaking them down. if we do ! then they are the ones who will have to come at us with a different approach.
    We have have to hurt them in the final third and be more ruthless than we were against Wolves.
    If we do we have every chance of winning.

    Team News.
    We will be missing Lllorente , Phillips , Forshaw
    Cooper is back in the fold but will he start?
    Honestly i think we should start with the team that finished the Villa game we were excellent.
    Alioski and Harrison link up very well. Dallas played a decent game to at RB.
    The CB pairing of Ayling and Koch i was very impressed.
    Shackleton came into the side and looked like he had been there all season and was a regular.
    Coops is the captain but will Bielsa be loyal to a winning side?
    Time will tell he said in his pressy that his 11 is not picked yet so I'm guessing anyone can still yet start.

    Castagne is out
    Jonny Evans is Doubtful.

    A style we really don't like playing against. but, a style that can be broken if we break it down first.
    The longer it stays 0-0 Leicester are always going to be dangerous on that counter. but if we hit that first goal we have to fancy our chances.
    We Need Vardy watched at all times another great player but another player like Grealish who will go down in the box with a trailing leg with any slightest touch.
    fingers crossed it's another 3 points.
  • connaughtgreen
    Just another game rub o the green and it's ours i don't do tactics all it needs is a lucky or unlucky bounce but i really do believe in Bielsa to get the best from the lads he has available MOT
  • Mugz
    I can see Rogers trying trepeat what Wolves did here, sit back early, soak up the pressure and hit us on the break. After their early goal blitz start to the season Leicester have only scored 1 in their last 3 and that was very late at Arsenal. If we can start well like v Wolves but go in leading at HT I think we have enough confidence now to back our defence to go on and win. 2-0 or 2-1 win.
  • Mugz
    Tough night this. Nothing going right.
  • Mugz
    You can spend hundreds of hours on technical analysis but when a defender makes a mistake like that it all goes out of the window. We have looked rattled and lacking ideas, partly down to the score and partly down to the changes.

    Hopefully we can play like its 0-0 and see what happens.
  • Shammers
    Leicester playing some good stuff out there and stopping us getting any momentum. The pace and movement upfront was frightning at times. They are pressing us and really dominating the middle the link from Ayling to Costa and Dallas to Harrison has been basically stopped. Saying all that Bamford should be on the scoresheet the header was very poor and his 1st touch on 2nd chance cost us another goal. Gave them the first goal and it's been a uphill battle since.
    Going to be tough to get back into this maybe a early goal can give us some momentum but once we go chasing this is the worst team in the league to leave gaps because they have so much pace uptop.
    Dallas had a torrid 1st half. Costa has been very laid back in defencive duties he's a worry because he never goes 50/50
  • Mugz

    Game On 1-2. (Dallas)
  • Dazzler
    Typical smash and grab performance by Leicester....helped by a couple of individual errors by us.....however with our style of play we will always be susceptible to this style of play.....and with Leicester great pace within the team they are one of the best at it!! Still some good things to take out of the game for us.....onwards and upwards WALAW MOT
  • Mugz
    Ahh well, that was as bad as Villa was good. Leicester are decent on their day and we did make it easy for them from the start. Nothing much went right in front of goal, Pablos shot goes in and its 2-2, completely different match. There are going to be days like this in EPL, just need to make sure there arent too many.
  • Shammers
    Much better 2nd half. score line a bit harsh.
    Lessons to be learned but they are a team full of pace and quality the Morrison turn for the 3rd goal was wonderful and the dink chip to Vardy well.
    sometimes you just have to hold ur hand up and say good goal.
    Pen was just frustration.
    I thought 2nd half we were the better team we just got sucker punched but the game was over in the first half.
  • PhoenixUnited
    Well - we got taught a footballing lesson by Leicester City. They were clinical, had more nous, had better quality and also had more experience as well as a deeper bench. We got turned over and the result actually flattered us. In the Premiership any errors are severely punished more likely than not and what we turned out was effectively out Championship winning team against a seasoned Premiership team.

    There will be other days like this for the freshies that we are in the Premiership but there will also be the Villa days. And also the Liverpool days. I am disappointed but never disheartened. We will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and go again. We are going to end up mid table at the end of the season IMHO.

    Pablo, whilst disappointed to get the hook, should not have put his dissenting head on as he trudged around the pitch
  • Mugz
    Im not sure I agree with that. I thought we were quite off our game and not just because Leciester stiffled us. The changes didnt work well and the early goal rattled us and dented the confidence we had from the Villa win. The game could easily gone 2-2 and Leicester might still have gone on to win from there, but Im not buying that this was a tactical masterclass from Rogers. If they are destined for a top 3 finish then thats great news for us, as our performance level isnt that far behind.
  • PhoenixUnited

    Sorry - let me clarify. This was by no means a masterclass from Rogers. Before the match he say saying that Leeds only play one way (cheeky git I thought :shade: ) which was to attack, attack, attack which meant that there would be spaces that they could exploit.

    I think the thing that did not work in our favour was the heavy rain and sodden pitch. Not making excuses but it took away from our quick, snappy passing game and after the Koch mistake it was always going to be a tough ask. What they had, one this occasion, was the better quality on the pitch as well as on the bench. With a bit of luck and more clinical finishing it might have been a closer thing but if they had converted their chances it might have been a real tonking. In better playing conditions we would have given them a hell of a game and I think we would have prevailed. To the next time eh Mugz?
  • Shammers
    The difference was we didn't have the ability to open Leicester up, Leicester found it quite easy.
    1st half they ran us ragged pressed us really tight and stopped our style and width.
    When we lost the ball we couldn't get it back and forced us into mistakes.
    Leicester tactically stopped that. In the 1st half Costa and Harrison were anonymous. Dallas and Ayling found it hard to get forward.
    We just couldn't get our style going and that was credit to Leicester as they stopped it.
    2nd half we changed it a little, got more control of the game but still had no end product.
    Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say well done. We were not outclassed, it wasn't all one way. just Leicester had the better players and outbattled us and outwitted us on the night and as PhoenixUnited said they were clinical.
    Yes we should of done better with the few chances we had. but then again so should of Leicester who wasted probably more than us.
    Stupid thing is we created the better chances in the 1st half when we were getting ran ragged and although we controlled a vast amount of minutes in the 2nd half we really didn't have any end product.
    I for one just hold my hands up and say well done. they shut us out like Wolves but had more to them as a attacking threat.
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