• Shammers
    Ok we have kicked off with 6 games played probably the best 2 teams in the league and had a taster of what we up against.
    Where does your head and heart think we will finish this season.?
    I know we don't have a lot of posters on here but if we have lurkers come on play your cards. very easy to post and will take you a minute.
    Lets see who can get the closest.
    I will start us off.

    Heart says: 7th.
    Head Says: 12th.
  • PhoenixUnited
    Head says 15th. Heart says 10th

    Keep the Faith
  • connaughtgreen
    I'm looking at 6th this season is so full of surprises the lack of crowds to cheer the diving primadonnas may be a factor last time i saw the scum my city that low they were relegated :vomit:
  • Dazzler
    Top 10 on what I have seen so far.....both us and the other teams we have played and still to play! MOT
  • Mugz
    We have played 3 of the current top 4 winning 6-5 on agg. I think at our current level we are a solid top 10 team and possibly top 6 if we keep progressing.
  • Knottingley White
    Hoping for top half, but I think 13th. which I'd be well happy with.
  • mrbigstar
    I feel the absence of the crowd takes the pressure off the players to a certain degree and that's part of the reason for some of the strange results we are seeing. It also makes it very hard to predict but I'm hoping for somewhere around 10th to 13th, that kind of area. First season back that would be seen as success I'd say.
  • bazza62
    Relegation fodder
  • PhoenixUnited
    Not quite relegation fodder. At the moment there are sides that are in far more precarious straits than we we are - The Blunts and the Baggies - and although they had a good weekend, I'd put Fulham and Burnley in that put too. We are just 3 points away from 11 placed Crystal Palace......

    We are not looking in good shape though and really have to pick up some form and points.

    The last two games have been hard to watch as we have been outplayed but that is to be expected in the Premiership. However, I do feel that we will give better and keep getting points here and there and still believe that we will end up around mid table by season end

    Keep the Faith
  • Shammers
    I still have faith. Injuries are not helping.
    Squad needs more depth But with Bielsa liking to play with a small squad it could become a issue.
    Some squad players i don't think he truly trusts
    Struijk should of started at CB against West Ham leaving Ayling at RB. too many changes.
    Pablo and Bielsa have a issue.
    Bielsa loves Dallas and Alioski and doesn't want to drop them which i can understand as they give 100% every game.
    but are they Premiership Fullbacks?
    Sometimes you have to say look lads you are good players but this is not your position. but then again we don't have replacements.
    Costa is in and out but to me he lacks guts just doesn't seem to commit himself 100% always shirks a tackle when he's off form he's truly off form.
    I'm really worried about our CB situation especially this time of the year when so many games.
    They are over in a flash With injuries leading to a few bad results it would take us right were we don't want to be.
    We really need to get 3 points against Newcastle and get going again though.
  • Mugz
    We have played 7 v top half and 5 v bottom half.

    Our record v teams outside the top 6 is P8 W4 D2 L2, which is very respectable.

    Our home record is a concern with only Fulham beaten, and we are better away even though the fixtures have been tougher.

    In the thread 'the fate of the champions' I posted that 8 of the last 9 champions finished with 44pts or less, and that only 1 of the 6 that got 90+ pts were relegated.

    44pts will typically get you to 13/14th place, so anything above 13th I would say is a bonus.

    I think we will stay up and finish 13th.
  • Mugz
    In a normal season the league table at the end of October gives a good indication of the relative strengths of the teams. That is usually after 10 games, so we have now played 12 and are well clear of the bottom 3, which is a positive.
  • Mugz
    For the record, last seaon in EPL 14pts after 12 games would have you in 14/15th position, 6pts clear of relegation. Exactly the same position we are in now. The teams on 14pts after 12 last season were Tottenham and Everton who ended up 6th and 12th respectively.
  • Shammers
    40 points is the general rule for Premier League clubs battling against relegation and that 17th safe spot.
    We have got to be looking for 12 wins and pick up a few draws along the way.
    Currently 13 games and 17 points
    5 Wins
    2 Draws
    6 losses

    25 games to go to get another 7 wins.
    Sounds easy but it will be far from it.
    but we currently are in a very good position to reach that 40 point figure.
    6 more games before we even reach halfway I'm looking for around 24-26 points when we reach that 19th game.
  • connaughtgreen
    It will be interesting to see who we play in Europe next year in the Europy not Champs i think that's a bridge toooo far :rofl:
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