• Shammers
    Trying to see if we have a problem here.
    Teams seem to only need to create 1 chance to score against us.
    is it bad luck?
    or is it something we need to take a look at and fix.

    We have conceded 5 league goals this season and 2 in the cup (7 in total)
    I'm going to discard the cup game as really it was a squad rotation game.

    Bristol City 1-3 (Away)
    Late Goal Weimann open play
    cut in from the right. He took out Pablo and Left Harrison chasing.
    we still had 5 men just outside our 12 yard line defending against 4 opponents, all in fairly good shape.
    Weimann took a shot and scored hitting the ball between Cooper and Douglas from about 15 yards
    We really couldn't do anymore than we did we had men behind the ball.

    Lucky Goal? No
    Were we at Fault ? No Pablo could of done better but overall it was a good goal and the manager can't really pick at major faults.

    Nottingham Forest 1-1 (Home)
    Set Piece: Corner
    77 mins Goal Forest get a corner Forest load the box
    players v players 7 defenders v 6 attacking.
    Cash sends over a near post corner Forshaw misses the 1st ball header under pressure. The ball then rolls over to the centre of the 12 yard line passing a number of our players White is manhandled by Dawson to stop him moving and somehow the ball goes in the net after a comedy of errors inside the 12 yard box.

    Lucky Goal? Yes Comedy show
    Were we at Fault? Yes/No Winning that 1st header probably but after that lady luck was 100% behind Forest.

    Swansea City 0-1 (Home)
    Injury time Goal Swansea get a corner.
    we have every player in our box defending
    again we don't get a firm head on the 1st ball. The ball is then on the floor and its mayhem trying to get it cleared Swansea get the ball back and a decent ball by Grimes out wide which is put back in the mixing pot.
    Weak clearance by Cooper which lands to Routledge who has a a miss hit shot from about 15 yards and lady luck again goes to our opponent as it creeps in near the post.

    Lucky? Yes the ball going in the net was lucky.
    Were we at Fault? Yes we have numerous chances to hoof the ball clear into the stands.

    Derby County 1-1 (Home)
    Injury time leveller open play
    players v players 6 defenders v 4 attacking.
    Ball played just in front of the 18 yard box travels along the box to Paterson who does well to find Martin who scores a nice goal.
    Lucky? No
    Were we at Fault? On the goal not really was good play

    Charlton 1-0 (Away)
    32 Mins goal Set Piece: Corner
    Players v Players 8 Defending 5 Attacking
    Corner played into the centre of the box just infront of the pen spot Phillips is not strong enough and pushed off the ball and the opponent get in front of White to the first ball. Kiko saves the shot but parries it and goes in off another player back.
    Lucky? Yes and No the goal actually went in off someones back but we were not strong enough
    Were we at Fault? Yes Phillips not strong enough challenging for the first ball even looked a foul to me but he should of been stronger leaving White under pressure for getting that first ball.
    Some people blaming Kiko but I don't see how
    the ball came at him blind through bodies and he actually did well to see it and get a hand to it and lady luck again went to our opponents.

    We really haven't done anything massively wrong.
    We have always had plenty of men behind the ball on every goal. we have never been caught out short.
    3 of the 5 goals have been helped by the hand of god.
    What makes it even more hurtful many of these goals have been their only decent attempt on goal.

    Things to improve on:
    Set Pieces: we have to start winning that 1st ball it's causing us massive problems.
    Late in games: Clearing our lines at the death stop trying to pass it out of danger it's becoming a downfall for us. put your foot through the ball and send it to the stands.
    I know it's the way we play but at the death it's not a time to take a risk put the thing in row z

    my pennies worth anyway
  • PhoenixUnited
    Interesting post.

    I'll say it now on this forum and have been saying it since the season began - we do not have a single defender of any proven quality. I am not fooled in the slightest with the clean sheets so far because they are the result of the style of play that is employed in that we dominate games in terms of possession and not because we have a good defensive unit that has the ability to keep the ball out of the net. I don't expect we can play like this for the rest of the season.

    Also, if we look at the form at the start of this year we are holding a steady line whereas at the beginning of last season until Christmas 2018 we were stunning. If we have high ambitions we have to get considerably better IMHO.

    Ben White has been very good but as for the others there is not one that is an out and out defender. Whenever we are attacked the opposition scores and don't even get me started on corner kicks and set pieces around our 18 yard box. To top it all off we have a keeper that is as mad as a box of frogs! :gasp:

    On the other side of the coin we are are creating loads of chances. But are we? There are plenty of half or less than "chances". When we do create, all expectation is that Bamford is going to stick each and every one away and the others don't have any responsibility to get goals which is ridiculous. The conversion rate of possession versus goals if simply not good enough.

    There is also the question of creativity. If Hernandez is on song then we are OK but he has one very good game in 6. If he is not firing then .............who can jump into the gap? Answers on a postcard please.

    Finally, the team. the way it plays lasts about 60 minutes after which it gets knackered and if we are behind becomes short on ideas.

    This is a bit of a rant but it is my humble opinion. So far as this season goes by the way, I think we have made a decent start. I am happy that we are a top 10 team at the moment however and no more. To be top 6 we need to be better than we are currently and some remedy to the problems highlighted above. Don't ask me how as I have no clue!

    Keep the Faith
  • Knottingley White
    Good post Johnny.
    I agree with your defender points Phoenix, and to start with I think we should get Ayling and Douglas back in the starting line up. OK Dallas is playing well, so get him on the wing in place of Harrison or the injured Pablo, he looks like he's up for scoring from LB than most of the team anyway, same goes for Alioski too.
  • PhoenixUnited
    I'm completely unconvinced by Barry Douglas. He came to us with quite a reputation and apparently Wolves had lost their minds in letting him go. The fact of the matter is that we have been short changed. There has been precious little in the way of attacking prowess and he can't defend for toffee. Add to that he is injury prone!

    Ayling will bring us a bit more but not at the expense of Dallas.

    Keep the Faith
  • Mugz
    I agree with Phoenix partly here. We are not a just a top 10 team though, I would be shocked if there were more than 5 teams better than us at the end of the season and realistically there will not be more than 2.

    You are right about the defence though, certain players have had a lot of praise for their performances but they are never under that much pressure in games. Its only when teams have nothing to lose and have a go at us that they come under pressure. Against Swansea and Derby they didnt handle it very well, and those 3 points lost are why we are not top.

    I dont want us to change they way we play but we do need to realise that we cant have it our own way for 90+ mins, there will be times when we are under pressure and we need to deal with it better. I think we will be tested v WBA, I cant see them sitting back and letting us dominate, so lets see what happens.
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