• mattant250

    For me, this is very clear. Bielsa has put the ball very directly in Leeds' court. If we back him, if we invest, if we give him the funds, he'll stay.

    If Bielsa is not here at the start of the season, it's because the club are not prepared to invest sufficiently, and do not have the same ambition that we, the fans, have.

    I'm sorry to say that this is the tipping point for me. We must convince him to stay and for that we need to do whatever it takes. If we fail to do that, my hopes for promotion are not high, and, as much as it pains me to say it, I will find it very difficult to continue on this continuous cycle of progress --> fall short --> change manager --> start again.

    Now is our time. Next season we can win the league. But we need two things: Bielsa and investment.
  • connaughtgreen
    You are very correct Mattant250 i have said just the same a few time this season if we lose Biesla im not sure how we stand and certainly will be my predicted 2/3 years in the wilderness for us. I think the owners are backing him they do seem to have a different attitude to all the others. I don't think this lot would do much in the prem but the parachute payments are handy as the budgies will find out, also hope Villa kicks Limplamps ar^e
  • leedsdude
    Well it appears from what I've been reading the Chairman and Bielsa had a conversation before the play offs. Rad told him that no matter what happens he wants the MB to be here next season. I believe he is happy with that, is heading home to Argentina to see his family and will be back in June to re-take the reigns. I really hope that happens, the future is bright, the future is white!
  • Mugz
    In the last 6 seasons 8 beaten Championship play off teams finished in the top 6 the following season.

    Here are the full numbers by finishing position:

    1-2 = 3
    3-6 = 5
    7-10 = 5
    11-21 = 4
    21-24 = 1

    72% finished top 10, 44% in the play offs and 17% were promoted automatically.
  • Mugz
    Looking at the beaten play off teams who got 83+ pts then the record is very good

    A.Villa - 5th (play off finalist)
    Reading - 20th
    Brighton - 2nd
    Middlesboro - 2nd
    Derby - 8th

    If Villa get promoted then 60% of the beaten play of teams who got 83+ pts were promoted the following season, 40% automatically.
  • PhoenixUnited
    I really hope Marcelo Bielsa stays and Andrea Radrizzani finds the money to invest.

    The issue of money is a big one. LUFC are not cash rich. if we spend more than £10m in the Summer I'll be shocked.

    Also in the background is Victor Orta. Neither use nor ornament so far as finding players for the first team is concerned. As long as he is around we will continuer to bring in ordinary rubbish.

    Keep the Fqith
  • Knottingley White
    There was a lot of talk about Qatar (PSG) investment into a Championship club. Seems Villa and ourselves were favourites, but they wouldn't invest if one of us got promoted as they wanted a Championship side as it obviously offers better value for money.
    If Villa go up as I would expect, I wonder if anything may come of that??
  • Mugz
    Go to meet FFP rules, so
  • connaughtgreen
    Statistics prove nothing ..Brum lost 5 on the trot beat us Ipswich even worse beat us one or should that be two reasons we didn't go up its football always has been a game of chance and always will be When was the last time a Div 1 Team went to a top Prem side and won 1-0 yes and i had 15 quid on it and how many times could an under dog team win in a 2 horse race ....depends on lady luck every time
  • Mugz
    Statistically very unlikely. :razz:
  • El Poco Loco
    Our Man is STAYING!
    He has unfinished business according to RTE News and Sport, and the YEP, now, has us as favourites for promotion next season,
    TalkSport had this to say;- https://talksport.com/football/efl/549598/marcelo-bielsa-leeds-united-manager-staying/
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