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    All Weather Winners
    Counter Spirit
    1pt win

    On The Green (Golf)
    Wyndham Championships

    W Simpson 11/1 (Sky)
    R Cabrera Bello 22/1 (Sky)
    R Henley 30/1 (Paddy)
    O Schniederjans 33/1 (Sky)
    N Watney 80/1 (Sky)

    Sky & Paddy Power paying 8 places

    (Scandinavian) Nordea Masters

    A Bjork 20/1
    S Kjeldsen 30/1
    M Kinhult 30/1

    All bets 0.5pts e/w

    Coral pay 7 places

    Football Focus
    No bets today

    Multi Attack


    Supressor 1:20 Wolverhampton 15/8

    Private Secretary 5:20 Yarmouth 13/8

    Courtside 6:25 Yarmouth 5/4

    1pt Trixie

    Prices available with bet365

    WTA Pro
    No fuether bets today

    GG Racing
    No bets today

    Bet Gorilla
    2.00 Que Amora 7/2

    7.10 Kinglami 11/4

    2.10 Popping corks 6/1
    2.40 Muraahin 9/2
    3.10 Black sails 7/1

    1.20 Beleagurement 7/2
    1.50 Adam tiler 11/4
    2.50 Powerful dream 4/1

    4.45 John Joiner 16/1 EW
    8.00 Buxted dream 15/2

    All bets 1pt win up to 19/1
    20/1 and above is 0.5pts e/w

    Results available on request
  • PuntHub
    GG Racing

    Leopardstown 19:20

    Group 3 Desmond stakes is the feature race of the night where 2 English raiders head the market. Although Masaar is still progressing and Escobar was not seen to best effect last time. This does look in or aroun there level while St.Patricks Day arrived in ballydoe with a lofty reputation being a full brother to American Pharoh. He has not set the world alight on his 2 runs to date However he physically has looked as if he has been given time to adjust and acclimatize in preparation for a big targets towards the end of season. His last run was encouraging when beaten 3 lengths in a group 2 which suggests he may now be able to show his undoubted ability which would be more than adequate to land this contest before going for other more valuable targets before end of season. The general price of 4/1 could look massive value come race time. The market should be a good guide as if he is ready to show improvement then he may go off considerably shorter.

    1 Pt win St Patrick’s Day, (4/1 BetBright, Bet 365, Paddy Power)

    Apologies for not including in all bets list this one came late.
  • peregrine
    tell you one thing you are consistent. ever thought of laying your horse racing selections.
  • Dexy
    As I've said it's the one negative to the new botb. I just hope we don't get more spam than members posting. :roll:

    Or maybe mugz is happy to allow it :confused:
  • Dexy
    Ok it's not really spam as it is relevant to racing.. more like chancers who litter facebook and twitter with the same rubbish. :down:
  • Hodge
    Its free tips is it not? Just like what every one is putting up. Its o be post surely just scrolling past and not commenting would not bring the post back to the top? Geez can't see this forum lasting much longer
  • PuntHub
    Hi 'Dexy',
    I'm sorry you feel my post is 'spam'.

    I post all our FREE daily tips here as I was told it is a forum for horse racing and gambling in general. They are posted simply for anyone that wants to follow any of them - no doubt some people are looking.

    Full results are available via the website, or on request, which would give you a clear picture as to who is doing well and who isn't. Again, they are free trials, it's a bit like searching for gold - you have to sift through some dirt to find the gold.

    Results show that 4 of the 7 free services posted daily are in OVERALL profit, only Bet Gorilla are in profit this month at +44 points before yesterday's results (which I'll update for you shortly).

    Each of the 7 will go through a 100 minimum bet trial period to allow for the normal ups and downs before we ultimately say; it's passed, it's failed, or it needs longer. During the trial period they are posted to this forum, Facebook, twitter, and our dedicated WhatsApp group.

    All our premium tipsters have undergone the same process and are still successful today.
  • Dexy
    With all due respect Hodge.. WTF has it got to do with you!? All you do is slag botb off when you post.. and it's loyal members for having an opinion. You have your super duper forum on facebook why not just stay there or is just not as good as you make out. :roll:
  • Dexy
    Ps BOTB been going for around 20 years.. let's see how long yours lasts eh :cool:
  • CMB
    This forum was on its last legs before the switch due to too many negative posts and good guys staying away. Fair play to Mugz the switch has seen a bit of a resurgence of quality. I hope it lasts, we'll see.
  • PuntHub
    PuntHub has been around for 2 years, I wasn't aware of this forum until Hodge pointed it out to me and suggested posting here, else is of been posting here for a lot longer than I have.

    It's nice that some people appreciate the work that goes into finding these guys, having them agree to trial, recording results and posting the tips in the various places I do.

    I would say if you aren't a fan of what I'm doing simply scroll right past and continue with your own selections.
  • Dexy
    Ohh It all makes sense now.. is Hodge on commission?! :wink:
  • Hodge
    Yeah well me "slagging loyal people and the forum" is me having an opinion or is that irrelevant? So the forum has been going for 20 years but let's be honest it won't be going for another 20 that's for sure, and dont worry my page is doing just fine but thanks for asking
  • peregrine
    Yes but these tips are dire free or not I just can't take them seriously . At the end of the day if you need tips then you don't stand a chance in this game. You should be able to do your own.anyone new and has been following this dross will be confused. And have empty pockets. And yes punthub I look on and know what not to back. I just pray you don't put anything I have my eye on.
  • Dexy
    well said mate.. Absolute joke and I blame Hodge for pointing them in our direction.. or maybe he just wanted rid of em off his fb page. :rofl:
  • PuntHub
    Some people go to work, or can't find winners their selves, so they look to tipsters. Of course a lot of the free stuff will be 'dire', they are free trials. If you find one good tipster in 10 - happy days. You can't have something special ALL the time, it's not how it works. Like I said we've been in business over 2 years and have found some great quality tipster services over that period. Very best of luck with your bets today.
  • PuntHub
    At the end of the day all of the trials may fail, some may pass and become premium tipsters. That decision ultimately lies with US at PuntHub, not you, not this forum.

    I didn't come here to have shysters commenting pointless or negative comments - do you comment when someone wins? Gorilla made a profit yesterday, you're still sat here slating. But hey, it's easier to be negative than it is positive.

    If you do not like what we do, if you do not see anything you like, simply scroll past and continue with your own tips. At the very least we record ALL results good or bad and do not hide ANYTHING - unlike MANY in this industry.

    4 of the 7 free tipsters are in profit OVERALL, that's the most important part first and foremost - Overall profit. Multi-Attack is based around multiple bets - One winner and he's in front for the month. One winner on the Golf would likely take him into profit for the month. Bet Gorilla before yesterday were +40 for THIS month after just 16 days, and you say they are all 'dire'. I wonder how much profit you have made this month in comparison?

    I hold my hands up and say 1 in 7 isn't great, but it's half way through the month and a lot can change. 4/7 in overall profit isn't bad. And the premium tipsters are doing what their paid to do with 5/5 in overall profit, 4/5 are in profit this month.

    Best of luck today
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