• Shammers
    Hows everyones nerves?
    I have to say I'm quite relaxed which is usually not me.
    4 Games. 6 hours or 360 minutes left of football left in our League season.
    We may have a 3 point cushion but one defeat and we could still be 3rd Saturday night.
    Will it go to the wire?
    Have we got the momentum and Sheff Utd now feeling the pressure?

    Is it now mind games?
    The Blades now know they have to win and any other result with us getting another 3 points could take it to 6 or 5 which may be to much in the last 3 games.
    The one good thing is in our next 3 games we will know what we have to do with us playing at a later time in all 3 of the games.
    or is that pressure on us its right at the boiling point of the season now.
    We actually could go to Brentford to seal our fate.

    Apr 19th
    12:30 Sheff Utd v Nottingham Forest.
    15.00 Leeds United v Wigan

    April 22nd
    15:00 Hull City v Sheff Utd
    17:15 Brentford v Leeds Utd

    April 27th
    17:15 Sheff Utd v Ipswich Town
    April 28th
    12:00 Leeds Utd v Aston Villa

    May 5th
    12:30 Stoke City v Sheff Utd
    12:30 Ipswich Town v Leeds Utd

    I see tough games for both sides Hull and Stoke won't be easy away from home for the Blunts.
    Brentford Away and Villa Home won't be easy for us.
    then we both have a couple of spanners in the way Forest are on the slide have they gave up?
    Wigan are fighting for they lives to stay in the division.
    and we both have Ipswich who are doomed will they be up for it or again have they downed tools and already thinking of next season.
    I'd love to see Forest grab a point on Friday and us take out Wigan they might be fighting for their lives but the table doesn't lie they are at the bottom for a reason because they are not good enough.

    I'd love to see us go 5 points clear at around 4:45 friday evening but things could be so different in a blink of an eye.
    so close yet so far
    but i believe in this team.
    i deffo think we will take 7 points from our last 4 games but we probably need more but i also don't see the Blunts winning all 4.
    We need to stay ahead now and leave the pressure on the Blunts we can probably put in 1 more bad performance but the Blunts have to be spot on now as any points dropped the old lady will be warming up her voice.
    Destiny is in our own hands let's hope and pray we can do that last little push.
  • Mugz
    Cant take anything for granted. Wigan were very good v Norwich and who is to say they wont be the same against us. Having said that I thought we were excellent on Saturday and that level of performance should be good enough for the win.
  • Drew

    You have summed it up to perfection, everything I have been contemplating and more! :smile:

    Agreed Mugz, Friday we need to put in a good performance and no mercy, clinical in front of goal, I am thinking 3-0 Leeds, we are due another performance where the finishing clicks! here is hoping
    Don't know if my heart's going to make it till the end.
  • Dazzler
    It's a roller coaster alright but I am enjoying the ride! Think we will beat Wigan and the Blunts will slip up against Forest. Billy Sharp is a big loss for them up top. Hoping Aston Villa are thinking of the play off finals by the time we play them and Ipswich will be planning for next year in our last game! Win next 2 and we return to the promised land and where we belong!! MOT
  • Mugz
    Dazzler, we still need 10pts if Sheff Utd win their last 4.
  • Knottingley White
    I think 7 points will be enough and Wigan & Ipswich surely must produce 6 of them.
    But there's almost sure to be more twists and turns before it's done. Villa should have 2 straight forward wins against Bolton & Millwall which will hopefully see them rest players ready for the play offs, just like Huddersfield did a couple of years ago when they played their second 11 for the last couple of games.
  • Mugz
    Cant take anything for granted. It could be out of our hands at 5pm tomorrow. Wigan need to be given a lot of respect, they are playing well and will give it more of a go than Sheff Wed did.
  • Shammers
    I disagree i think we will tank them Mugz or atleast be dominant.
    1 win in 21 away League games. lost 16 of them. tells you how good they are.
    might be fighting for their lives but so are we.
    If we can't beart Wigan at home with these stats we don't deserve to be sitting in 2nd at 5pm.
  • Dazzler
    Lol I know that Mugz, but I was just stating that imo if we win our next 2, and taking my reasoning for our last 2 games and believing the Blunts will NOT take full points from their 4 remaining games, starting with Forest tomorrow we shall return to where we belong!! So, why state the obvious with the points situation???
  • Mugz
    After feeling a bit sorry for ourselves yesterday everyone should be back and bouncing this morning. I hope Bielsa rams home the fact that we need to finish strong. No point finishing 3rd and knowing that 6pts from the last 3 would have been enough when we only got 5pts because we didnt stick to what we have been doing all season. Sheff Utd are now in the 'everything to lose' position, and lets see how they get on. We have to take this to the last game of the season whatever happens, and make them need to win at Stoke.
  • El Poco Loco
  • Dazzler
    Deflated to say the least, we have to rely on others now which is never a good place to be in my opinion! The dropped points at QPR and against Wigan, and not forgetting the Sheffield United game that we should have won are really getting to me!! Still, like most, I would have taken this position at the beginning of the season.....COME ON LEEDS....MOT back to the Premiership!
  • El Poco Loco
    ............or win our last 3 games (Play-offs) - which we might not have to do if we win our next 3 games
    OMG! the thought of the play-offs is a total head wreck.
    Sorry lads, I'm all over the place.
  • leedsdude
    It all seemed to be going so well, Blades missing two of there best players, a 3 point cushion and an easy home game against Wigan. I had a very uneasy feeling about yesterday, lads on facebook talking about who we should buy next season etc etc. Nothing is ever over in this league, if we had won yesterday we'd be 2 points behind Norwich, what a time to lose! We'll probably stuff Brentford but I am really concerned about Villa.
  • Shammers
    That was a killer blow to us Friday that one hurt.
    We have to do what the Blunts did and bounce back the goal diff will not be made up now so the Blunts are going to have to mess up somewhere in their last 3 games.
    I'm still baffled how Wigan took 3 points and even more baffled how they did it with 10 men what a crazy division.
    I fear this next game too Brentford away is a very tough fixture but the Blunts have a tough game too i just don't know anymore.
    I've nervous now but everything is still to play for.
    Besides tactical instructions for up coming games, this is where Bielsa and his staff have to take it to the next level in motivation. He's got to be careful, the players are already individually motivated, we don't want too much pressure and people doing stupid things out there.. He's got to follow his 'One game at a time' approach, but still instill the importance of upcoming games.We are not at the "We'll fight them on the beaches speech" just yet, I think the individual desire and professional pride of the players will carry us forward, with just a little bit of 'do it for the fans and yourselves' from the coaching staff.
    I'm comparing our battle with the Blades to a heavyweight boxing world championship from the old days when we went 15 rounds. So it's the end of the 12th, we just got battered on the ropes to finish the 12th and are one round behind on points.Do we have enough left in the tank to keep out of trouble, make up points or get in with a KO? As senior corner man, I say to my boy "Muhammed, this guy's dangerous, we got to take him out, go out there, don't back up, knock the bum out".
  • Mugz
    Slightly off topic but has anyone seen Casilla bring anything that BPF didnt have? I would say BPF is a much better shot stopper and as for commanding the area, Casilla might be bigger but Ive not been impressed.
  • Drew

    I must admit, I was thinking the same, Casilla got nowhere near the first goal from Massey for Wigan
    They only had 2 shots on target and they both went in!
    We had 36 shots, 10 of them on target, and could not get a 2nd goal!

    Lack of composure in front of goal & at the back cost us!
    I was saying back in the transfer window that we could have done with other options up front and a decent keeper, seems that we are still wanting in both departments :sad:

    Well on to the next chapter against Brentford... we have nothing to lose, lets take it to em and push the Blunts until the last match!!

  • connaughtgreen
    I stated we would finish 3rd at the start of the season sadly i got that right as for the playoffs just wondering how the next part of my prediction will pan out^^^^^. The one thing i am worried about is what if we don't go up will Bielsa be grabbed by a prem team and where will that leave us. ^^^^^ Oh i did predict we would be the 3rd team going up
  • Shammers
    I have to say at this moment Tuesday nearly 6:30pm with 1 game to go i still don't have a clue.
    I would be very disappointed if we don't get to the playoffs sitting in 3rd place whatever team we put out.

    Then we have to go into the playoffs saying we finished 3rd we are the best team here.
    We can't let teams bully us. Villa did that on Sunday not on the pitch but mentally yes they were diving alot but our players started reacting in diff ways we have to concentrate in the job at hand.
    I don't want West Brom over 2 legs as i think they are a really strong home team and i think they will put Villa out.
    that will leave us with Derby or Boro can't see Bristol City getting there now with Derby 2 games to play and Boro at Rovram on the last day.
    I really hope its Derby as i never like facing Boro.
    Just think Derby suit us better than Boro. Boro are a strong physical tall side which we struggle against Derby play a pretty similar way to us but if both of us have a good day i would always fancy us against them over 2 legs i think we have more quality and knowhow.
    My crystal ball see's a Leeds v West Brom final then its who has the bottle on the day as West Brom on paper are the best side in the league.

    Deffo squeaky arse time for the remaining clubs and its down to 3 football matches and winner takes all.
    We need alot alot of luck and hope ladyluck wants to be on our side.
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