• reynard kevin
    Saturday 10th November k/o 5.30 pm venue the hawthorns west brom capacity 26.000+

    This season in the league
    West Bromwich conceded at least 1 goal in each of their last 7 matches. West Bromwich conceded at least 1 goal in 88% of their home matches. West Bromwich have scored in 100% of their home matches. 73% of West Bromwich's goals have been scored in the second half. West Bromwich have scored 33% of their goals after the 75th minute.
    Leeds Utd have scored in each of their last 10 matches. Leeds Utd have scored in 100% of their away matches. 62% of Leeds Utd's conceded goals occured in the first half. Leeds Utd have scored in each of their last 8 away matches. 38% of Leeds Utd's conceded goals occurred in the first 15 minutes.

    West Bromwich vs Leeds Utd
    Latest results in the league (most recent first)
    Hull City - WES 1-0 1-2 Wigan Athletic - LEE
    WES - Blackburn 1-1 1-1 LEE - Nottm Forest
    WES - Derby County 1-4 2-0 LEE - Ipswich Town
    Wigan Athletic - WES 1-0 2-1 Blackburn - LEE
    WES - Reading 4-1 1-1 LEE - Brentford
    Sheffield Wed - WES 2-2 0-1 Hull City - LEE

    Latest at home Latest away
    (in the league, most recent first)
    WES - Blackburn 1-1 1-2 Wigan Athletic - LEE
    WES - Derby County 1-4 2-1 Blackburn - LEE
    WES - Reading 4-1 0-1 Hull City - LEE
    WES - Millwall 2-0 1-1 Sheffield Wed - LEE

    24 Aug 2002 West Bromwich Albion v Leeds United L 1-3 Premier League
    18 Jan 2003 Leeds United v West Bromwich Albion D 0-0 Premier League
    30 Sep 2006 West Bromwich Albion v Leeds United W 4-2 League Championship
    06 Jan 2007 West Bromwich Albion v Leeds United W 3-1 FA Cup
    20 Jan 2007 Leeds United v West Bromwich Albion W 2-3 League Championship

    last year at this stage after 16 games we were in 10th place with 23 points,
    this year after 16 games of course we are 1st with 30 points.
    so still bombing along on course?
    (last year under TC we had our second great spell from match 17 getting 19 points from losing only once in 8 matches. if we can do the same this year from our next 8 matches then we can really believe)

    so down to the west midlands for our Saturday evening match.
    4th in the home form table against 1st in the away form table.
    top scorers at home vs top scorers away
    so should be on paper a open attacking game to watch?
    west brom have dropped off a little last 6 matches so maybe a good time to play them.
    last week at Wigan was very rewarding in many ways for us.
    still top of the league' won with our injury list' fought back after conceding another early goal' as we saw on the replays team spirit is fantastic lose the ball get back in numbers to defend.
    we seem to have the never give in never surrender attitude back again.
    at least kicking off last on saturday we will know what we have to do to keep top. MOT


    kyle bartley 2016/7 50 games with 6 goals. ( pity he went back to swansea)
    thats why i think west brom wanted to sign luke ayling get them teamed up together in defense which worked so well at Leeds.
  • Knottingley White
    Great write up as usual.

    Agree this could be a good time to play this lot, which makes me think how many times during the season you could say this. Did we play Norwich and Derby, even Stoke at the right times? Maybe a bit of luck comes into play depending on where your fixtures lie.
  • El Poco Loco
    Thanks for the magnificent write up again Kevin.:up:
    These guys will be no cake walk at The Hawthorns but once we don't give away a goal first, we should turn them over - we'll get at least 2 goals here. we just have to tighten up our defence of set pieces.
    2-1 or 3-1 (I'd love if we could keep a clean sheet)
  • PhoenixUnited
    I have to confess that the defence concerns me and the likelihood of keeping a clean sheet is somewhat remote. They have a decent attack and a leaky defence too so I am thinking that this is going to end up a Desmond.

    I am looking forward to it mind. If I had the choice :snicker: I'd pick Jack Clarke ahead of Alioski

    Keep the Faith
  • reynard kevin
    haha for all those ( just like me) who thought what the hell is a desmond?
    it is slang for a 2-2 draw name after desmond TUTU
    phoenix remember some of us fans are old gits i can nearly remember the luftwaffe flying over. :grin:
    on saturday it will maybe a very high scoring game or a boring 0-0 draw with parking of buses?
  • Shammers
    Just had a proper look at their side and man they have some good players.
    Just been reading their fans forum and they all think they are going to get battered.
    they have no confidence in their back 3 or 4 whoever plays and many think we will split them open like peas.
    talk about their aged midfield not being good enough too.

    I want to feel confident but looking at their players i just can't.
    could be anything this game but that's the championship for you.
    be nice to go into the next international break sitting top of the tree.
    fingers crossed we play a blinder and steal the 3 points but I'd be satisfied with a point speaking now but i could be disappointed in a draw if we have them all over.
    Don't you just love the championship it's like picking straws it's all on the day.
  • El Poco Loco
    It depends on what West Brom team turns up - the team that finished up their last few games in the Premiership is a scary outfit that can really play - we haven't seen that in the Championship yet so - let's hope they don't turn up for just another while :grin:
    Agreed, on their day West Brom can beat anybody in the championship, whereas teams like Leeds and 'Boro just keep grinding out results and show consistency.
    I'll be satisfied with one point at the Hawthorns,sort of saying 'keeping a dangerous animal in it's cage'
    We keep worrying about our defence, only 'Boro less goals against. Tremendous job by all defenders so far under the circumstances, just keep 'em out till we regroup after injury or get reinforcements, I don't care how.
  • reynard kevin
    just checking back to see how good a start we have had so far this season.
    and we have to go back to our promotion form from league 1 year way back in 2009/10
    when we had 39 points after 16 games with figures of W12 D3 L1 to better it.
    so we need to keep playing the way we are now 1 point today will fine but 3 points will be a real bonus.
  • Shammers

    Young Academy player Leif Davis gets on the bench today he's a LB who was signed from Morecambe hes 18 and been putting in good performances.

    West Brom:
    Kyle Bartley doesn't make the team he's injured and Dwight Gayle does not start he's on the bench.

  • Shammers
    The championship plays its weekly card.
    Derby losing 0-3 at home to Villa
    Norwich losing at home to Millwall
    Sheff Utd failed to beat the Wendies last night in a 0-0.
    Blackburn drawing 1-1 with Rovram

    Only team to win from the top 6 were Boro who have not won since Mid Oct.

    Don't you just love the Championship
  • Shammers
    Norwich score 2 injury time goals and go top.
  • Shammers
    Leeds v West Brom Links;
    Streams will start closer to k/o
    May not be mobile friendly and remember ur AD Blocks
  • Shammers
    Tough start but we started getting a bit more later in the half they are a decent attacking team but we haven't really tested the keeper or backline we are trying to walk the ball into the net we have had numerous chances to get the ball in the box from wide area's but we don't find the last ball.
    All still to play for but The Brummies edged that 1st half.
  • Shammers
    why we trying to walk the ball into the net have a go when you get the chance.
  • Shammers
    thats the difference when they see the goal they shoot we fanny about
  • Shammers
    2-0 and can't see anyway back now
  • Shammers
    3-0 and opening us up like a can of worms
  • Shammers
    christ talk about being taught a lesson
    4-0 defending ! what defending today!!!!!
  • Mugz
    One to just forget about and move on. We arent that bad.
  • Shammers
    1st time this season we have been a well beaten side.
    West Brom came to their cup final today and ran riot.
    We were poor today but The Brummies just to good on the day
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